Go on, admit it. You’d secretly love to be Iron Man. I’ll be honest, I would too. He always struck me as being the most feasible superhero. Now feasible may seem like a weird word, but Iron Man wasn’t born with superpowers. Tony Stark made Ironman possible through technology. Granted, that technology doesn’t yet exist, but one day it might. However, until that day comes to pass, you can take a step in the direction of becoming Iron Man by owning Robert Downey Jr.’s (AKA Tony Stark) UR-105 TA “Raging Gold” watch from the Avengers Endgame movies.

That’s right, RDJ’s URWERK UR-105 TA “Raging Gold” is up for auction right now, with all proceeds split between the Radamon Act Funding and, with the support of Ethos (URWERK’s commercial partner in India), an NGO Covid relief charity in India. The entire planet has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many lives lost and others torn apart. In Europe, we have been relatively lucky with access to medical care and treatment. Sadly, some parts of the world are not so fortunate, with India in desperate need of help.

UR-105 TA Raging Gold RDJ

An organic relationship

As I’m sure you’re aware, many companies pay vast sums of money for their products to be featured in films. The sums that a brand will pay for a feature in a movie like Avengers Endgame is probably eye-watering. URWERK, however, has never engaged in paid-for exposure. So when the brand received a call from the Marvel team, explaining that Iron Man himself had personally requested an URWERK watch for the movie, they were pleasantly shocked! The relationship between Robert Downey Jr and URWERK is an entirely organic one, built around a mutual appreciation of one another.

Robert Downey Junior and Yacine Sar

I think we can all agree that Tony Stark is an eccentric character. The futuristic, hi-tech designs of URWERK’s watches make them the perfect fit for the inventor extraordinaire! The UR-105 TA “Raging Gold” watch up for auction is the exact watch that RDJ had with him throughout the production of the Avengers Endgame movie. URWERK’s head of communications, Yacine Sar, flew out to the film set in Boston where she presented RDJ with his UR-105 TA “Raging Gold” during the pre-production of Avengers Endgame.

UR-105 TA Raging Gold RDJ

The UR-105 TA “Raging Gold”

We recently covered the UR-105 in the article, “The URWERK UR-105: A Retrospective Journey Through Time“. We had a look at the UR-105 TA “Raging Gold”, in particular, so do have a quick read of that article for more information about the watch. It’s undoubtedly one of the more impressive pieces in URWERK’s catalog!

UR-105 TA Raging Gold RDJ

Fighting the fight against COVID-19

So, on to the fun bit. You can make this watch a feature of your collection and live your life with a little bit of Iron Man thrown in. I am hoping to see this watch raise a very healthy sum to continue the fight against COVID-19. Partly because I don’t want to have to remortgage my house and end up bidding on it myself, as my wife would not be happy with that…Neither would my landlord, come to think of it.

The UR-105 TA “Raging Gold” is URWERK’s second charity auction to help the fight against COVID-19. The first saw a special edition UR-100 GE C-19 raise 96,500 CHF last year.

UR-105 TA Raging Gold RDJ

Make a difference

You can join the auction over on URWERK’s Shop right here. You’ll need to create an account first in order to bid, so make sure to do so ahead of time. You will receive email updates throughout the auction to let you know if you’re outbid, and you can also set up automatic bidding by choosing your maximum bid amount. The auction started today and will run until 3pm (Geneva time) on Wednesday 23rd June 2021. At the time of writing, the current bid stands at 55,000 CHF.

*Please note: The final bid price includes shipping but does not include taxes. These will be payable upon delivery.