It’s video time here on Fratello and this time we’re taking a long look at Vintage Seiko Divers. However, we’re not looking at some of them — we’re going through all of them.

It has been almost two years since we published an article on the top vintage Seiko divers. I gave a brief rundown on every model that Seiko produced starting in the 1960s up until 1980. The article continues to generate serious traffic, but we felt that it was high time to add a more personal touch through the medium of video.

A companion piece to a popular article on vintage Seiko divers

Recently, I made my way up to Fratello HQ and I brought my complete collection of vintage Seiko divers. We sat down and Bert worked his magic with the camera and his painstaking editing. Is the video absolutely perfect? Perhaps not and I’ll gladly concede that things get “hot” under the bright lights, but this is a great chance to see all the watches. We start early with a pre-diver in the 50 meter Seiko Cronos J13046 and finish off with the beloved Seiko Turtle.

Seiko 62MAS and Seiko SilverWave

Enjoy the show!

There’s a lot of information on vintage Seiko divers featured about models such as the Hi-Beat Professional, the Tuna, and the “Captain Willard”. But instead of giving away all the details, why not have a view? Enjoy the show and thanks for watching! And if you like what you see, leave us a “thumbs up” and subscribe. We’ve got more down-to-earth Fratello video content on the way!