About a year ago, I wrote about a book called Vintage Panerai by Ralf Ehlers and Volker Wiegmann, both Paneristi from Germany. These guys have written the successor of their first book and it is currently available for pre-order. Their second book is being called Vintage Panerai – The References and can be ordered at vintage-panerai.de for 169 Euro. Their first book, Vintage Panerai – Watches with History, is also still for sale for 79 Euro.

The Vintage Panerai – The Legends book is documenting 34 different vintage / historic Panerai watches. The peculiarities and differences between the References 3646, 6152, 6154, 6152/1 and the GPF 2/56 are explained in detail and with rich reference to variants. This book consists of 368 pages, trilingual (English, German and of course, Italian), 340 illustrations, hardback jacket

Ralf and Volker also published a ‘making of’, which can be viewed by clicking this url: https://www.vintage-panerai.de/vp2mof01.htmlPersonally, having the first book of Vintage Panerais, I think that if this second book is as good as the first one and even thicker now, it is worth it every penny. The first book was more of a ‘story’ which was really well written by these guys. If you are looking for a coffee table book on Panerai, you’ll need a copy of ‘Panerai’ by Simon de Burton, if you can still find it that is.

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