Yesterday, Antiquorum had their ‘Timless Beauty’ acution and it seemed to be a good one for them. You can read all about it in their report, click here (you’ll need Acrobat Read for this).

A Patek Philippe Calatrava, only 3 pieces made, in 1961 fetched the most… an amazing amount of 1,413,000 USD!! Besides a few more Pateks and Rolexes, Panerai acquired a lot of 5 diving instruments for their Panerai Museum. A wristwatch, compass, depth gauge, diving knive and a Morse code device made for the Italian Navy commandos. This went for 80,000 USD. Twice as much as estimated.

Photo by Antiquorum

The Rolex “Ferrari Red” Daytona below, went for 240,000 USD. Click here for all its specifications.

Photo by Antiquorum

Updated: 13:15 GMT+1, Panerai photo added.

  • sorry but this daytona doesn’t desserve more than 1800? I don’t care if it is rare, it has a shitty valjoux 72 movment so I can’t consider it as good quality watch. the daytona was always too over priced

  • Gillian Bateman

    I need help I have a ladies 18k gold Favre Leuba watch the date on the watch is 1757 it has the original strap ect I need a valuation how can I get one thanks