This one’s going to be really interesting. For the first time ever on Fratello, we’re giving you the chance to design your very own watch and then win it! This concept comes to us courtesy of Von Vogel, a Danish brand that wants to give its customers complete agency when it comes to assembling their perfect watch from a raft of interchangeable components.

Simple or complex? Steel or rose gold? Sporty or dressy? Rubber or leather? White? Blue? Black? Silver? The choice is yours. Von Vogel gives customers (and now Fratello readers) the chance to design their own watch using a straightforward customizer tool on the brand’s website. Click this link to check it out.


The prize

For once, I can’t really give you a rundown of the watch you’re all competing to win, because…well…it doesn’t exist yet. Von Vogel offers five base designs called Classic, Diver, Pilot, Sport, and Clean. In addition to these characteristics, you can mix and match 10 case options and loads of straps, which amount to over 25,000 combinations (so no need to be a copy cat; and yes, this one could come down to your strap choice if it’s close so think long and hard about it).

I’m excited to see the winning design come to life because these watches look infinitely better in the metal than the customizer tool makes them look on the site (just check out the images further down in this article for examples of previous customer watches).


What do I need to enter?

You need an Instagram account, a Fratello account (sign up here), a great idea, and access to the internet. Better get snacks, too. Snacks help with creativity. And taste nice…


How to enter?

I need you to head over to Von Vogel and design your perfect watch from the options available. Next, you need to download it using the download function. After that, you must share it to your personal Instagram account and tag both the brand (@vonvogeldesign) and Fratello (@fratellowatches).

NEXT, you need to share the link HERE on THIS article in the COMMENTS section below. I’ll then scour through the entries and create a constantly updated gallery of my favorites so far. I’d suggest you all take a look at the competition and comment on each other’s ideas (pleasantly, please).

Additionally, if you post your watch as a story and tag me in it (@robnudds), I will reshare it on my account. And while you’re at it, follow me. I like having friends.


I’m going to be in this article A LOT over the next TWO WEEKS while this competition is active, so check back for updates and to see what your rivals are posting. You can enter as many times as you want, so don’t be afraid of getting kicked out for repeat submissions.

In the unlikely event of a tie (i.e. the winning design is submitted by two people), I’ll take the first one submitted according to the timestamp in WordPress, and that will be that. So let’s get to it, people!

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