Welcome back to our Watch On Your Wrist? Instagram extravaganza! Tag your watch snaps with #fratellowatches to be in with a chance to win!

Every week, we select four images. You can vote in the article for your favorite image. The winner moves on to the semi-final round (held every fifth week between the previous four weekly winners). Win that and you’re into the final, which will be held at the end of the year. There will be five finalists in 2020 and ten from next year on.

Basically, if you like winning things — and there will be a prize for the champion of 2020 — this year represents your best shot. So get snapping, get tagging, and get sharing. And don’t forget to vote (once) for yourself… Obviously…



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A post shared by BW (@drwatcherman) on

@drwatcherman — Seiko 6309

“This was a lazy Sunday morning while my wife (also a physician) slept in. I was relaxing in my recliner when M
my 3-year-old daughter climbed onto me and told me to set the bezel on my (birth year) 6309 for 5 minutes of cuddle time.”



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A post shared by frendy (@frendymgee) on

@frendymgee — Brew Retrograph

“The watch is the Brew Retrograph Teal over a cup of coffee. I bought this watch because it is completely different than anything else in my collection. Due to work from home circumstances, I find myself changing watches throughout the day. The Brew finds my wrist every morning for a cup of coffee, my new morning ritual.”



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A post shared by The Watches of Wilson (@thewatchesofwilson) on

@thewatchesofwilson — A.Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph

“The watch was brought along by a friend @timgreen81 to a weekend watch meet-up that I organized. A group of 10 brought along way too many watches. This 1815 chronograph was one of them and I feel hugely privileged to have had the chance to wear it and capture this shot of it. It’s truly an exceptional piece of engineering and beauty.”



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A post shared by Raja (@mechanical_motion) on

@mechanical_motion — Rolex Submariner Hulk

“The 116610LV aka Rolex Hulk is by far my favorite diver. Speaking about this shot, it was a very impromptu one. It was around 9:50 am when I finished my morning huddles. The watch was lying on my notebook in that exact same position. I glanced at it and it looked just beautiful. I simply added the wooden block to partly avoid the window glare coming from behind and I took the picture for Instagram using my trusty Nikon and 24-70mm.

“Given that green is my favorite color, I have stalked this watch for some time on social media, websites but I truly fell in love with this watch when put it on my wrist for the first time in late 2014. After that, believe it or not, I have owned the Rolex Hulk twice before finally coming to a realization that I really really love the Green Sub and it is a must-have in my small collection. This particular Hulk has been on my wrist since 2017 and has seen our child’s birth, job interviews, various domestic and international vacations, and good days and bad days. I find myself reaching out to this one more often than the others.”

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