Welcome back to our Watch On Your Wrist? Instagram extravaganza! Tag your watch snaps with #fratellowatches to be in with a chance to win!

Every week, we select four images. You can vote in the article for your favorite image. The winner moves on to the semi-final round (held every fifth week between the previous four weekly winners). Win that and you’re into the final, which will be held at the end of the year. There will be five finalists in 2020 and ten from next year on.

Basically, if you like winning things — and there will be a prize for the champion of 2020 — this year represents your best shot. So get snapping, get tagging, and get sharing. And don’t forget to vote for yourself… Obviously…


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@the_watchdelorian — Omega Speedmaster Professional

“I’d been wearing the Speedy for a few days following the SpaceX launch of the Crew Dragon and for SpeedyTuesday I wanted to highlight the piece. I was walking around my home looking for inspiration and decided to place it on my drinks shelf where I have some Japanese-made whiskey tumblers made of copper (they’re fantastic at thermal conduction and they get super cold). The copper tumblers, with their warm glow, along with the whiskey bottle and dark grain of the wooden shelf just made for a nice frame that the Speedy could sit in for this photo.”


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@wrist.ed — Ming 17.06

“Ming watches have fascinated me. I remember seeing some of Ming’s designs back on forums in the mid-2000s and it’s been great seeing the brand flourish in recent years. The watches’ lug profile, their textured dials, and the use of lume are completely unique. In terms of quality and character, at this price point, I don’t think anyone can beat the brand.

“This shot demonstrates how versatile a “dress watch” can be, shown here with my favorite hoodie!”


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@watchguardians — Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic

“I was just back home from work. I took off my Hammy, as I always do, to take a shower when I saw it under the sunlight. The dial completely changed. I’ve always been mesmerized by the different finishes on this dial. So I tried to capture every shade of it in one shot, the bright and the dark side. That’s how this shot was born. I’m still in love with this watch as if it was the day I bought it.”


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@thejames80 — Doxa Sub 300

“This 50th anniversary SUB 300 is my second watch from Doxa, and it seemed like a great way to add some orange into my collection. Color aside, I really enjoy the vintage styling and how thin this watch wears on the wrist. This SUB 300 has spent most of the time on the beads of rice bracelet or a vintage rubber Tropic strap, though in this photo I decided to mix things up and went with a black elastic band for the summer weather.”

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