Another month, another Watch Strap Review. In February we introduced Genteel Handmade Straps to you guys and for March we have yet another interesting company — Nero Biglia (Black Marble). Surprise, surprise, this brand hails from Italy! Let’s see if the nation’s reputation for fine craftsmanship holds up under scrutiny. might have guessed that we’re reviewing an awesome Italian brand

If you are looking for exotic leathers and crazy creations you will be disappointed. Nero Biglia does not offer such extravagances. What it does offer, however, are excellent quality straps at very reasonable prices. These straps are beautiful. The focus on manufacturing and material quality mean these timeless accessories look great on vintage designs. A wide variety of colors and styles certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Nero Biglia

Nero Biglia

Stefano, the founder of Nero Biglia comes from Italy but currently resides in Budapest (of all places). Still, the company is 100% Italian. As one would expect from a leather company from Italy, it uses only the finest leathers from tanneries in Tuscany. All of the materials are vegetable-tanned hides from top grains. You can tell this by examining Nero Biglia’s products. A good leather, however, is a great start but does not guarantee a fine product. For this, the company makes sure to create straps using the traditional method, hand made in the north of the country.

…products that have clearly had a lot of time and effort invested in their development.

As Nero Biglia is a young company (established in 2019) its product line is not enormous. The advantage of this is the attention given to the products that have clearly had a lot of time and effort invested in their development. The brand concentrates on the straps it knows how to create well. Furthermore, the company’s goal is to produce quality, handmade straps at a fair price. Let’s see if Stefan and his team have succeeded.


The first model line we are going to take a closer look at is Nero Biglia’s Amarcord straps. I think this is the simplest looking in all 3 types. Amarcord was a 1973 movie by Italian filmmaking legend Frederico Fellini. Italians use the word nowadays to refer to nostalgia, which is what these straps want to represent according to the brand. We have tumbled leather here in various colors — black, blue, and light or dark shades of brown.

…a rather durable strap…

I received a black one with beige side stitching and 18/16mm tapering on a none-branded steel buckle. The edges are not rounded but painted, the light grey (cream) lining is soft. It is a rather durable strap and judging by the toughness of the leather. Still, the strap is pretty soft (2.2mm) and flexible. If you fancy a different size, you can choose between 18-19-20 and between two sizes (regular or small).

Nero Biglia

Another useful feature is the quick-release spring bar. Furthermore, for every strap, Nero Biglia offers customization on the lining. We went with the world-famous #fratellowatches hashtag but, as you’d see on another strap, initials are not a problem either. Or a short message, whatever fits on the lining basically. It goes without saying that since we have a pattern on the leather, every strap is individual.

Thanks to the design’s relative simplicity it works with any watch. I paired it up with my vintage King Seiko and, I was very happy with the result. Every strap comes on a steel buckle and the option for the quick release spring bar set is also complimentary if you want them. The price for the Nero Biglia Amarcord strap is €89, which I believe is a great value for money.

Nero Biglia


The second collection from Nero Biglia is a sophisticated line of straps by the name of Eleganza. You might remember that not too long ago we reviewed Velle Alexander. That brand’s creations are pretty close in style to these straps. Again, the brand offers the Eleganza straps in five colors — brown, forest (deep) brown, black, ocean blue, and natural. Stefano sent me the latter. I have to say these are truly classy looking straps and work well with dress watches or vintage chronographs.

Every strap from Nero Biglia is made of calf leather…

As far as the sizes, length, or customization is concerned the same options exist as for the Amarcord straps above. The leather is soft with a smooth texture, the strap has beige box stitching. We have two keepers here, just like the Amarcord. One is fixed, one is movable. Every strap from Nero Biglia is made of calf leather including the Eleganza. It is truly reminiscent of vintage watch straps.

Nero Biglia

Far Niente (Doing Nothing)

Lastly, we have Nero Biglia’s third line, Far Niente or Doing Nothing. The idea behind the name represents a laid-back lifestyle. Whether you are on holiday or just sitting at a bar with friends enjoying a drink, these vivid colored straps add a touch of fun to your timepiece. Just as above, there are five colors available, but this time they are in livelier and less traditional shades. Nero Biglia offers the Far Niente straps in bloody mary red, clockwork orange, mint green, ultraviolet, and Costa Smeralda aquamarine.

…beautifully textured.

It had to be the Smeralda, didn’t it? Again, the basics are the same as above, size, length, spring bar options, and buckle. The leather here is beautifully textured. My strap has a beautiful deep turquoise tone, but I love the mint green one too. As you have it with the Eleganza straps, the Far Niente also has cream box stitching.

Nero Biglia

Closing words

Every strap that Nero Biglia offers cost €89, regardless of the product line. That includes free delivery if you purchase two straps or more. This seems like a fair price especially if you consider the beautiful Italian hand-made products, the free buckle, and quick-release spring bars. Obviously you can get made-to-order straps by Nero Biglia. These do take a bit longer to create and the price is a tad more than the brand’s regular straps.

Mind you, as soon as you visit the site a pop-up window tells you that if you sign-up their newsletter you get -10% off your first order using the code PROMO10. Now we’re talking, right? I can but encourage you to check out the straps Nero Biglia has to offer and buy with confidence. The craftsmanship is there, the straps look awesome and the prices are friendly. What more do you need? Perhaps a cool watch… If you’d like to visit the website of Nero Biglia please click here.