Meet (And Use) WatchBase – Over 20.000 Watches And 2.000 Movements

Robert-Jan Broer
March 01, 2018
Meet (And Use) WatchBase – Over 20.000 Watches And 2.000 Movements

Finally a source that put a lot of effort into documenting as many watch movements as possible. Base calibers, but also calibers based on an existing movement. Also movements that are dubbed an internal brand caliber while they are actually based on a third party movement. WatchBase is a reliable source for information about watch movements. Over 20.000 unique watches are documented, and more than 2.000 unique movements, down to the nitty gritty.

How Does WatchBase Work?


A never-ending project, as new calibers (and calibers based on existing calibers) are being introduced every year. The owners of WatchBase, Alon Ben-Joseph of Ace Jewelers and Alwin Hoogerdijk, developer of database software for collectors (of movies, music, etc.) started this project in 2015. The WatchBase database is largely managed by watch collector and expert Dale Vito.

Besides detailed movement information, you will also be able to find a huge amount of watches, from all sorts of brands. All data attributes are connected to each other, so if you click Audemars Piguet Caliber 2121 you will find an overview of all details of this movement. You will also see which movements are using the Audemars Piguet caliber 2121 as base movement and which watches use this specific movement. Click one of the watch, for instance the Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’ (all versions are listed) and you will find all details of this watch, including some words on its history and a price evolution.


Who will benefit from WatchBase? Well, for sure retailers can use this to update their website or webshop with proper information on movements and details information on watches (diameter, thickness, materials, dial colors etc.). Using an API feed, they can keep their information up-to-date and link it automatically with the correct data. Of course, WatchBase calculates a small fee for this usage. For journalists like ourself, it is a very nice platform to verify information on calibers and base calibers. Is an IWC caliber 79350 based on ETA or Sellita? WatchBase shows you all information.




Another cool feature is the MyWatchBase part. With this web-application, you can keep track of your own collection and make additional notes on purchase information and price. No more use of Excel sheets that you’ve been using since 1997, but with MyWatchBase you will have all information at hand, including detailed information on the watch (given the fact that it is in the WatchBase database).


If WatchBase has the original press release information, you will also find this information (with images) there. You can add your own information to the watch registration, except for adding your own images. For now, that is not possible yet. If a watch is missing from the database, you can report it to the database managers and they will try to add it.

You can find the MyWatchBase web-application here.

We congratulate the WatchBase team with the official ‘opening’ of their project and hope you will give it a try. We have been working with their database for quite some time, and it has proven to be a great and useful resource.

The WatchBase website can be accessed here.

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