To some of you, it may not be surprising that I now own a Speedmaster Moonwatch. After all, I do work at Fratello. It’s basically in our DNA. Nevertheless, it was an inadvertent twist of fate that led me toward purchasing this watch that now rarely leaves my wrist. Allow me to explain why it wasn’t my first choice, and why it’s all I wear now. 

And if you’re wondering, yes, I did purchase the watch on a #SpeedyTuesday. Not only that, but it was the same day as our Speedy Tuesday event in Biel, which was, incidentally, my first Speedy Tuesday event ever. I felt like the luckiest girl alive, to be able to wear such an incredible watch on my wrist in the vicinity of long-time Speedy enthusiasts and aficionados. It was the perfect day and place to rock my first “adult” watch, as I got so much reassurance for making the right choice.

From MoonSwatch to Moonwatch

But, let’s go back to the start. I joined the Fratello team in October of last year as the social media manager. With an appreciation for watches and the industry, yet no profound knowledge of the technicalities, every day was a learning experience (and that hasn’t changed). It’s been an absolute privilege being among people who are passionate about what they do, and as we all know, passion is extremely contagious. Every morning, we appreciate the team’s wrist candy of the day, gush over novelties or vintage pieces, and examine the watches we get to review. And every Tuesday, I was left conflicted over the Speedmaster Moonwatch. It looked super cool on everyone, yet it didn’t feel like the watch for me.

Be it the size, the looks, or the overall feel, I always found myself appreciating it from a distance. And then months later, together with my fellow Fratelli, I traveled to Watches And Wonders in Geneva where everything changed.

Watches And Wonders 2022

It was on the first day of Watches And Wonders that we got our hands on the heavily anticipated MoonSwatches. I opted for Mission to the Moon. In my mind, it was the closest thing to the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch that I would ever own due to its patent similarity. Once on the wrist, I absolutely loved it. But then again, what’s not to love? The timeless design of the Moonwatch was beautifully translated into the Bioceramic case of a Swatch, and on such a lightweight strap, it was easily wearable. Although — and here’s an insider’s tip for you — Gerard flipped the strap so the watch head sat more comfortably on my wrist. 

Wearing the MoonSwatch was super fun, and, as Nacho mentioned here, it was the talk of the town at Watches And Wonders. I can’t express how it felt to be recognized for wearing a watch that was (and still is) incredibly popular yet not easily obtainable. So, we established that I enjoyed wearing the MoonSwatch, but I was still quite wary of its “real” counterpart. 

On a snowy night in Geneva…

That was until one beautiful, snowy Geneva night when my fellow Fratelli and I made our way to the Black Sheep bar to unwind after a long workday. We ordered a couple of beers and sat around the table talking watches. Talking watches after a 12-hour workday at the Palexpo looking at watches may seem insane to some of you, but as I mentioned earlier, when you’re this passionate, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. 

We spent every evening going over all of the novelties we were lucky enough to “touch and feel”. And, as is often the case, Gerard was sporting his 1968 Speedmaster Professional (ref. 145.012 with a caliber 321) next to me and I asked him if I might try it on. As I was wearing the MoonSwatch at the time, I had the opportunity to wear them both side by side. I figured that might help me confirm why I preferred the MoonSwatch to the Speedy Pro. Boy, was I wrong…

What I experienced the second I slipped on Gerard’s Moonwatch could only be expressed as awe. It felt like when Prince Charming made Cinderella try on the crystal slipper and it was a perfect fit. It was gorgeous, and my mind entirely shifted. I mean, people often told me that I needed the Moonwatch because I am a “Fratella” (Sorella, Frank… I go by many names). And truth be told, I am easily influenced, especially when I’m told I need it by people who know their stuff. But it wasn’t until that moment that I felt fully convinced. And in that instant, I knew I had to have one.


Flash forward to the Speedy Tuesday event in Biel a few weeks later. We arrived a few hours before the event, so I figured it would be the perfect time to stop by the boutique and pick up my Speedmaster (literally two hours before all of the Speedy fans started arriving at the Omega HQ). It was the loveliest experience. Even the resizing process (which took minutes) was a dream. Best of all, the boutique staff had to remove so many links, I almost have enough for a spare bracelet! 

Once the event commenced and I got to meet all of the guests, it was the greatest experience sharing the fact that I got the watch mere hours before that and on such a special day. What better setting to gush over a Speedmaster than at a Speedy Tuesday event at the Omega HQ in Biel, right? It was absolutely priceless.

Now, it’s been a month since I have had the Speedy, and I can confirm that I have worn the Moonwatch almost every day. I went for the Hesalite version with the closed case back as the authenticity of the aesthetic matters more to me than the technicalities of the movement (which is visible through a display case back on the sapphire-crystal model), and I couldn’t be happier with that choice.

Final thoughts

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is a timeless piece, and it makes me feel extremely proud when I have it on my wrist. It’s my go-to watch for everything. I wear it to work during the day and leave it on my wrist whenever I’m heading out to events after hours. A few weeks back, I actually wore it to a fashion party with a more “evening look”, and it fit perfectly, inducing comments about the watch and how cool it looked paired with a more dressy outfit. Its versatility is one of my favorite attributes and a very crucial one at that when it comes to your first “adult” watch.

That’s my story. Now tell me yours! What was your first adult watch? Do you still wear it? And with what, and when? Share your stories in the comments below.