Here at Fratello, we love to shine the spotlight on special projects that members of the watch community are working on. Today we have the pleasure of introducing a new YouTube channel: Winters & Bui — Photography & Watches. It’s being launched by Lydia Winters and Vu Bui. And if their names ring a bell, you might know them already. Perhaps from their positions at Mojang Studios as Chief Storyteller and COO, respectively. The Swedish video game developer was responsible for the creation of the well-known sandbox video game, Minecraft. But if you don’t know them from that already impressive side of their career, you may have come across their Instagram pages, where they often post stunning pictures of their watches. Having established themselves in the watch space thanks to their natural ability for storytelling and producing impressive, meaningful, and visually appealing content, they now make the jump over to YouTube.

Today, we want to celebrate the launch of Lydia and Vu’s new project and give them some well-deserved recognition. So far, both of their Instagram pages have showcased their seemingly never-ending creativity and ability to capture watches in a unique way. In their shots, the two use their own home or the beautiful landscape surrounding them to complement their stunning collection of watches, from vintage pieces like a Tudor Mini Sub to the latest from Rolex and Cartier. Now, both their photography and watches will be put on display in video form. And if their Instagram pages are anything to go by, it’s bound to be some of the best content out there. We’ll be following along and subscribing, excited for what’s to come, and we recommend that you do the same!

Winters & Bui — Photography & Watches

Both Lydia and Vu started their watch Instagram pages in February of last year. They have since gathered an audience of close to 10,000 followers. If that doesn’t speak for itself, have a look at some of their content below. Not only are Vu and Lydia’s shots visually stunning, but they also feature some of the amazing heavy hitters in their collections. There’s everything from a lovely Cartier Tank, to classics like the Datejust, and even the modern ceramic-bezel GMT-Master II, both in the classic “Pepsi” and the lovely two-tone “Root Beer” colorways. Lydia’s shots are often accompanied by her signature hand-written behind-the-scenes notes. These describe the scene, as well as some of the techniques and props that she uses when taking the shots.

Creating content on Instagram has never been more accessible. That certainly makes it a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, Vu and Lydia’s excellent watch photography and engaging and friendly approach to the watch community have made quite the impression. It would be no wonder if their community continues to grow. Either way, we’ll be following along closely and looking forward to each new episode of their YouTube series.

Final Thoughts

What more do you need to know? Head on over to the Winters & Bui YouTube channel and subscribe! If you’re a fan of watches, photography, or both, you certainly won’t want to miss out.

And finally, to Vu and Lydia, we can’t wait to see more of what’s to come. The team here at Fratello wishes you all the best in your new project.

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