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Rolex Deepsea Challenger Watch

Photographer Mike Mellia visited the special exhibit at the Rolex Service Center in NYC, showcasing the history of the Deepsea watches. From the very first giant domed 1960s model up to the latest version that James Cameron wore on his Deepsea Challenge mission.

In addition to showcasing these historical watches, Rolex has recreated these watches for the exhibition as large-scale models showing cross sections of the inner case mechanisms.

Rolex Deepsea Challenger Watch

Rolex Deepsea Challenger Watch

Rolex Deepsea Challenger Watch
Mike Mellia took some pictures exclusively for Fratellowatches! Rolex Deepsea Challenger Watch Thanks Mike!

Make sure to visit his official website as well, lots of cool photography. Click: www.mikemellia.com

Rolex Deepsea Challenger Watch

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  1. Phil Prohow Reply

    I’d dive with James Cameron to the Ocean’s bottom In a split second. I’ve dive to 139 ft. In the Bahamas, but James has traveled down more that 7 miles, to the deepest place that Man can go. That’s awesome!! James Is one of only 3 men who have been to those depths. I wish I could be # 4. Everyone should have a special dream. That’s what life’s about.

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