Entry-level watches are über popular. Why? Because of the ever-increasing prices of some brands, a lot of watch enthusiasts search for affordable mechanical watches. Watches that they can wear on an everyday basis. We’ve put together a Top 25 of mechanical watches below € 1000 Euro (list price) based on demand. In this price segment it is definitely possible to buy a watch with an individual or even unique design, solid and well-finished case and small complications. We asked ourselves which mechanical watches under € 1000 Euro have the high demand from the watch consumer. With the help of market research company Chronolytics we focused on the on-line consumers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany and their demand for mechanical watches up to € 1000 Euro. The Top 25 watches overview below was established based on the click-behaviour of millions of consumers in Q1 2015 from these countries.

The First Top 10 of mechanical watches below 1000 Euro

1. Seiko SKX007K1

On the first position we find the SKX007K1 divers watch from Seiko. This manufacture from Japan is most famous for the excellent price-quality ratio they are able to deliver. Their SKX007K1 (part of the Seiko 5 collection) has a list price (in Europe) of 299 Euro and brings an awful lot of bank for the buck: the automatic caliber 7S26 movement featuring a day and date, a water resistance of 20 bar, uni-directional bezel and a very legible dial due to the luminous markers and hands.

Number 1 - Top 25 Watches Under 1000 Euro2. Davosa Ternos Ceramic

Another divers watch in the first ten of the Top 25 Watches is this Ternos Ceramic from Davosa. With a list price of 698 Euro you’ll get an automatic winding watch (ETA 2824) with a ceramic bezel, water resistance of 20 bar and a stainless steel bracelet with divers extension.

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 Davosa - Top 25 Watches

3. Seiko Prospex SBDC027J

Seiko rocks the 3rd spot as well with one of their divers watches: the Prospex SBDC027J (we reviewed it here) with a list price of 699 Euro. A robust divers watch that is very suitable for everyday use. A serious watch with professional specifications (hence ‘Prospex’) under € 1000 Euro with enough change to buy the No.1 Seiko in this Top 25 Watches overview as well. If you want.

Seiko Prospex SBDC027J - Top 25 Watches

4. Certina DS Action Diver

From the Swatch Group we see this Certain DS Action Diver on the 4th place. Yet another divers watch, also the 4th in row, with a list price of 730 Euro. The DS Action Diver has a self-winding ETA 2824 movement, a water resistance of 20 bar and a date feature.

Certina DS Action Diver - Top 25 Watches

5. Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium

Ranked 5 is this Khaki Field Titanium watch from Hamilton (also belonging to the Swatch Group). A 42mm case made of titanium, featuring a 24-hour indicator as well as a date feature. This watch with ‘military’-look comes on a black soft strap. The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium has a list price of 750 Euro.

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium - Top 25 Watches

6. Sinn 556I

Finally, a German watch manufacturer in this Top 25 Watches overview based on German speaking countries. Sinn, well-known for the use of useful innovations and technologies in their watches, offers this 556I for 850 Euro. This Sinn 556I is anti-magnetic according to the DIN 8309 standard, shock-resistant according to the DIN 8308 standard, water resistant to 20 bar and has a legible dial. Even with the stainless steel (optional) bracelet this watch doesn’t hit the 1000 Euro mark, but 5 euro less.

Sinn 556I - Top 25 Watches

7. Union Glashütte Viro Datum

After 6 (mainly) sports watches, #7 is reserved for a more classic looking timepiece: the Union Glashütte Viro Datum. A watch from the famous Glashütte village where you’ll also find a number of other manufactures. With a list price of 980 Euro, it just made it to this Top 25 Watches under 1000 Euro overview, but very well-deserved.

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Union Glashuette Viro Datum - Top 25 Watches

8. Glycine Combat Sub

Number 8 is another sporty watch: the Combat Sub from Glycine. Besides the design and mechanical movement, the attractive price of 945 Euro also plays a role of course. A non-nonsense vintage looking timepiece that gets a lot of praise.

Glycine Combat Sub - Top 25 Watches9. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic

The second Hamilton watch in this Top 25 Watches overview is the Jazzmaster Viewmatic. A stainless steel watch with a 44mm diameter with an ETA 2824 movement inside. The sapphire crystal in the case back gives the owner a nice view on its mechanical heart. List price of this classy looking Jazzmaster Viewmatic is 645 Euro.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic - Top 25 Watches

10. Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer

Swatch Group – and Hamilton – is heavily represented in this overview. Number 10 in this list belongs to the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer timepiece. A nice looking watch with a dial inspired by marine chronometer clocks and a self-winding ETA 2895 movement. Beautiful blue hands give a nice contrast to the silver dial and the brown leather strap is attached to the case by these wire lugs. List price of the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer is 895 Euro.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer - Top 25 Watches

Positions 11 to 25 of the most wanted watches under € 1000 Euro

Besides the best 10 above, we still have 15 more positions for watches under 1000 Euro. You will see that Seiko, Hamilton, Certina and Davosa will pop-up once more in these last positions. Furthermore, the list includes watches from Tissot, Revue Thommen, Longines and Junghans. In this price range, Swatch Group clearly shows a strong presence with 5 of its brands (Certina, Hamilton, Union Glashütte, Tissot and Longines). In total, these Swatch Group brands take up 15 positions in the Top 25 Watches under € 1000 Euro. Hamilton takes the lead with 8 positions. No wonder – movement maker ETA also belongs to the Swatch Group.

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Rank Image Brand Model Price
11  Davosa Argonautic Davosa Argonautic 698 Euro
12  Tissot Seastar 1000 Tissot Seastar 995 Euro
13  Hamilton Pan Europ Hamilton Pan Europ 945 Euro
14  Hamilton Khaki Officer Hamilton Khaki Officer 565 Euro
15  Revue Thommen Grovana Diver 300 Automatic Revue Thommen Grovana Diver 300 Automatic 899 Euro
16  Tissot Couturier Tissot Couturier  655 Euro
17  Tissot Le Locle Tissot Le Locle 445 Euro
18  Hamilton Intra-Matic Hamilton Intra-Matic 765 Euro
19  Hamilton Khaki Field King Hamilton Khaki Field King 475 Euro
20  Longines Conquest Longines Conquest 960 Euro
21  Seiko SRP493K1 Seiko SRP493K1 399 Euro
22  Hamilton  American Classic Ventura Automatic Gents Hamilton  American Classic Ventura Automatic Gents 795 Euro
23  Junghans Max Bill Automatic Junghans Max Bill Automatic 895 Euro
24  Revue Thommen Airspeed Revue Thommen Airspeed 880 Euro
25  Certina DS Caimano Certina DS Caimano 440 Euro

This article was written by Melanie Feist and appeared on the German based WatchTime.net first.



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  • Gabe

    Skx007 is for sure the best buck for buck

  • Melanie Feist

    Thank you for translating and publishing my article. This is an honor for me.

    • JC

      Nice work Melanie…

  • I find it odd that Oris isn’t represented in this list. The Oris classic date automatic is an awesome watch that definitely deserves a place in this list in my opinion.
    Also, I like the Longines HydroConquest better than the Conquest.

    • @alexkrancher:disqus We had the same questions. The answer is easy, these watches have a list price of over 1000 Euro these days (recent price increases made them just a bit more expensive).

      • I see… When I bought mine prices were a bit lower. Lucky me I guess!



    • @AUSDAVIDZ:disqus
      Not sure how things are with mechanical Casio and Citizens these days. We requested mechanical watches only. Perhaps Citizen has a few, but they fell-out the Top 25 obviously.

  • lozza

    lots of submariner copies…?

    • Yes, that’s apparently what people love. No wonder of course, as the Rolex Submariner is one of the watches with most demand in general.

  • JC

    Well thought-out articles like this are really appreciated. Despite having zero interest in owning one I welcome that Apple et. al. will now competing for wrist-space and $€¥£… if for nothing more than it should give that >€1000 category a much-needed and overdue shake-out, and it’s nice to see articles like this listing watches that should endure.

    Regarding the list… I thought it was really good… and confirms my belief that the SKX007 is by far the best bang-for-the-buck watch, period. And it was no surprise seeing that beautiful Sinn high up on the list.

    For having a few real dogs in their portfolio, Swatch seem super well positioned going forward particularly with ETA & a really strong line-up by Hamilton.

    QUESTION: Is the takeaway here that buyers should stick to the big houses (Seiko, Swatch, etc…)? I would have thought that brands like Steinhart or even Christopher Ward would have snuck a watch into the list. Steinhart particularly seem to offer great value… although perhaps that wasn’t enough. Can you comment on the rationale there…

    Anyway… Great content & super helpful. Cheers…

    • @okayjc:disqus

      This can go two ways basically. People prefer a big brand name on the dial over a watch that – perhaps – add more bang for the buck or people love to have a watch that has more to offer instead of a big brand label and go for a micro brand or a brand like CW or Steinhart. Being more individual by not owning the same Longines, Hamilton, Seiko etc as all the others. This also might explain why there are so many ‘modded’ Seikos out there. To be more exclusive/unique.

      However, this data was measured over millions of people, your average watch consumer, who seem to be in the first group. Preferring a familiar (or famous) brand name on the dial. It could also be a bit of lack of knowledge. How long did it take you to learn about these micro brands and smaller watch manufacturers? Since below 1000 Euro is often considered entry-level, it might be their next step after their Hamilton, Seiko, Tissot etc.

      Basically, it needs a survey to answer these questions properly.

  • Sheel

    Why Oris is not Included?

    • @Sheel

      See my other answer to Alex Krancher. Oris does not have watches under 1000 Euro List Price.

  • silkhead

    4 Hamilton and the Squale 1520 blue dial with mesh bracelet (905 EU) did not make the list…are you people mad?

  • daes

    The SARX015 is surely missing here. A good piece of dressed watch for low budgets who like precision without having to wear bulky diver’s watches.