Our friend Jeff Stein from OnTheDash shows his grails from Heuer. An amazing article with an overview of his Heuers with beautiful close-up pictures and descriptions.

I confess I don’t know that much about Heuer. There are other Fratelli that have more knowledge about these. There are also websites like Jeff Stein’s OnTheDash. His website is considered to be the authority on the subject. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Jeff for the first time not too long ago in Switzerland, but we have known each other for much longer as we shared an old friend in common.

Skipperrera. Image by Analog Shift.

Vintage Heuer Grails

Jeff Stein also makes some recommendations on alternatives to each of these grails. He wrote approximately 6000 words on the Heuer grails and how to identify them. This will definitely be a great guide on collecting vintage Heuers for many enthusiasts out there. Stein’s definition of grails is interesting. He defines it at the start of the guide:

  1. the model must be extremely rare;
  2. the watch must have a strong and broad following in the community;
  3. it must be attainable by the enthusiast collector.

Based on these three criteria (which he defines in detail in the article), he shows an overview of wonderful grail Heuer watches.

The List of 16

The list is impressive, and it’s quite some food for vintage Heuer collectors. A list like this, with the in-depth descriptions of each model, makes it more structured for collectors. It gives them some guidance like Moonwatch Only gives to Speedmaster collectors.

  1. Three Register, Black Chronograph, Waterproof — Ref 2447 N (1940s / 50s)
  2. Triple Calendar Chronograph, Waterproof – Ref 2547 (1940s / 50s)
  3. The “Big Subs” Autavias (1962)
  4. Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer, in Carrera Case, Ref 2447 (1965)
  5. “Yachting” Carrera, Ref 2447 (1964)
  6. The Black Tachy Carrera – Ref 2447 NT (1965)
  7. The Chronographs with Racing Logos
  8. The “Skipperrera” (1968)
  9. Autavia GMT – Screw-back Model (1968)
  10. Camaro 18 Karat Gold – Ref 7228
  11. Carrera, Three Register Panda – Ref 2447 SN (1968)
  12. The Chronomatics (1969)
  13. 18 Karat Gold Automatic Carrera – Ref 1158 (1969 to 1985)
  14. “Exotic” Autavia — Ref 1563 (1972)
  15. Yachting Carrera, Reference 1153 BN (1974)
  16. Monaco in Black-Coated Case (the “Dark Lord”) (1975)
Heuer Autavia GMT 2446

Heuer Autavia GMT 2446. Image by Philiips

My Pick

As said, my knowledge of vintage Heuer is limited and I can only point out what model I like best. When I just started collecting watches, the Monaco 1133 models had some effect on me. But after wearing a Monaco, I was quickly healed. A rectangular watch is not for me. My pick from Jeff Stein’s list of vintage Heuer grails would be no. 9, the Heuer Autavia GMT 2446 (1968). That watch appeals to me the most from these Heuers.

Make sure to have a look at the overview of ‘Vintage Heuer – Chasing The  Grails’ on OnTheDash.