Today I had a small email conversation with a friend of mine about watches. He is on the look-out for a serious watch, but is not in a hurry, not in the last place because it is a lot of money to spend on something like a watch (did I really wrote that?).

So this friend, let’s call him Jorg :-), got a Rolex GMT-Master (I) on his wrist for one week, borrowed from someone else. I am not sure and I could be wrong, but some years ago he mentioned that he could find nicer watches than a Rolex for those prices. And I nodded 🙂 His enthusiasm towards Rolex grew as he handled a few and discovered that wearing a Rolex won’t make you a drugsdealer or give you a bad image per definition.

Anyway, he emailed me today that he really likes the GMT-Master and it seems that his quest for a watch really got easy over the last few days. To make it a bit worse for him, I decided to put some GREAT reviews online on Rolex GMT-Master watches.

So here you go…

Rolex GMT-Master Past & Present by Hung Doan (I know you got a bit mad on the reveal of the new IWC Ingenieur, but what’s a blogger go to do? At least we revealed the source!)
Rolex GMT-Master II review by John B. Holbrook, owner of the Rolex Reference Page
Rolex GMT-Master info at, a great reference site for other models as well.

  • H Doan

    Not mad at all. Just voicing an opinon. If IWC doesn’t want it shown, I respect that.

    H Doan

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Understood 🙂 We were just being evil 🙂

  • I have a relatively new Rolex GMT Master II, and it’s wonderful. Can’t go wrong with the GMT Master. Other than the price, there’s nothing not to love, and one gets over the sticker shock pretty quickly.