For several years, Artem has made it its mission to provide high-quality alternatives to luxury brands’ OEM straps. Initially focusing on sailcloth straps seen by the brand’s founders as an afterthought (and an expensive one at that), they decided to develop a more affordable alternative without compromising on quality. Since then, the brand’s catalog has expanded to include nylon straps, deployant buckles in several styles, many new colors, and a hybrid sailcloth/rubber strap known as the Hydroflex. For now, a selection of the brand’s products is already available in the Fratello Shop. We’ll slowly expand to carry the entire range over the coming months.

We are no strangers to Artem straps here at Fratello. We’ve reviewed many of Artem’s products in the past, including the classic Sailcloth strap in blue, the NATO-style nylon, and the Loop-Less strap. Previously only available for purchase through the brand’s website, we are happy to announce that the Fratello Shop now carries a selection of Artem’s products. What does this mean for you? Instead of the products being shipped from sunny Melbourne, Australia, they are sent directly from within the EU (from Fratello HQ in not-so-sunny The Hague). This, in turn, means fewer potential issues with customs and faster shipping times for EU customers. So, if you hesitated to purchase for any of these reasons, we have good news! Let’s look at some of the straps from Artem that are available now in the Fratello Shop.

Artem Nylon straps

Single-piece nylon straps are not exactly a rare occurrence in the watch world. However, we struggle to find single-piece nylon straps that receive as much care and attention to detail as the Artem Nylon straps. Today, we are thrilled to be able to offer the full range of Artem’s Nylon straps in 10 fantastic colors.

Artem’s founders looked at most nylon straps available and asked themselves, “How can we make this the best possible version?” The material used hits the sweet spot in terms of shine and thickness. All edges are beautifully finished, and the thickness provides a sturdy feel. Lastly, the polished hardware is some of the best available, and all metal loops (including one floating keeper) are placed conveniently between the nylon layers so as not to sacrifice comfort.

These are truly some of the best single-piece nylon straps out there.

  • Material: polyamide (nylon)
  • Length: 300–305mm (approximately) without buckle
  • Thickness: 1.4mm–1.5mm (approximately)
  • Width: 20mm (but can also be squeezed to work with a 19mm lug spacing)

Artem Hydroflex straps

The Fratello Shop is proud to be working with Artem to bring its fantastic and innovative straps to market. We have been keeping a close eye on Artem for some time. We’ve been intrigued by the brand’s quest to create the best sailcloth strap available. Its ultimate aim? To match the quality of high-end brands’ OEM offerings. We believe that with the recent introduction of Artem’s Hydroflex line, the brand has established itself as a key player in the strap market. Now, we’re happy to bring these products to more consumers.

The Hydroflex line of straps developed by Artem brings new levels of comfort and wearability to sailcloth straps. It boasts fantastic sailcloth looks combined with the comfort of a slim rubber/FKM strap. Elements such as tone-on-tone stitching, high-quality quick-release spring bars, and a beautifully finished buckle bring the whole package together and create a truly unique and distinctly high-end product.

  • Water and dust resistant
  • Completely vegan materials
  • Length: 75/115mm
  • Thickness: tapers from approximately 5.35mm at the lug end down to about 2.55mm
  • Width: 20mm

Artem straps available in the Fratello Shop

There you have it, folks. Do you want to get kitted out with some of the best nylon and hybrid straps on the market? Then head to the Fratello Shop, and check out our ever-expanding range of Artem Straps. You’ll quickly realize why these have become the go-to for watch enthusiasts worldwide.