Aurelio S., one of the die-hard Panerai fans on the Paneristi and TimeZone Panerai Forum lost his Panerai PAM00127, also known as the ‘1950’. He visitted a watch GTG (Get ToGether) in New York and not much later he discovered that his watch was gone from his collection.

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Another regular from both forums (by the name of Yogi) initiated a fundraising for a new PAM00127 and it seems that within a short period of time, over hundred people donated an amount of money for a new watch for Aurelio S.

You can see the message about the status of the fundraising here.

Besides the fact that Aurelio S. is a populair fellow amongst Paneristis, it is nice to see that the Panerai community is so close they even start a fundraising to replace a stolen watch. Although I wonder if this was done as well for someone else with less ‘status’ at or the Panerai forum at TimeZone.

  • The original story really bothers me. Did anyone ever determine with any likelihood what happened to the watch?

    Misplaced? Stolen? Any suspects?


  • Helping Aurelio with his missing watch was a case of getting back what you put into something. He has dedicated a lot of time and effort to both Paneristi and Time Zone as well as a number of other forums. His efforts in those areas have been without predjudice and he has shared with any and all who have asked for advice or information. I don’t believe that there was ever a thought amongst the people who frequent those forums of not helping Aurelio in some way.

    I am rather new to the world of Panerai, only six months or so. I have not met Aurelio or most of the other regulars except through the forum. I was pleased to help. (Please note that I do not speak for anyone but myself!)

    To answer the question, I am not sure that there ever was a definitive answer regarding what happened to the watch given to the forum. Strong hints were made that it was stolen. Please be wary of any watches that do not have the appropriate box and papers. The watch was #E0741/1950 and had a serial # of BB1074888.

    Brian A

  • Janet

    I have a Panerai watch that a friend wants me to list on e-bay. He does not have the paperwork and although I know he is not the stealing type I’m not so sure about the company he keeps. How can I find out if the watch I have is stolen? No, it’s not the same serial # as the one that was stolen Aurelio- I checked. Thanks, Janet