After a successful launch in 2021, BOLDR brings back the Odyssey Regatta in a new colorway. The dial in Admiral blue perfectly sets the tone for this nautically themed timepiece. Though regatta timers are not the most common of watches these days, it is still a fun take on the chronograph and one that all you seafaring watch fanatics will be happy to see, especially at a reasonably affordable price point. BOLDR didn’t take the creation of this model lightly. Instead, the brand consulted with a number of experts to validate its design. They include Mathias Hübner (a vintage watch expert & collector from Germany), Mark Reichardt (a Netherlands-based collector & founder of, and David Braybrook (a Portugal-based collector and expert on custom-built watches).

But it all starts with the brand’s designer, Danny Guzi. Based in Portugal, Danny is a regatta enthusiast as well as a talented watch designer. Thinking back to the many regatta-club races that he watched as a boy, he wanted to create a highly functional regatta timer to add to the BOLDR catalog. Working together with the aforementioned experts, the result was last year’s Odyssey Regatta. This year’s watch comes in a different colorway but maintains all of the legibility, functionality, and charm of the original. Added inspiration for the nautical theme comes from the latest BOLDR ambassador, Bhavik Gandhi, who is famous for having rowed solo across the Atlantic in 2007. But let’s take a look at the watch itself and all of its excellent features.

BOLDR Odyssey Regatta in Admiral blue

The BOLDR Odyssey Regatta is a big, bold, and capable tool. The only thing “refined” about it is the brilliant integration of the regatta timer complication and the scales. Other than that, it is a brute of a watch, but one whose brutish nature is welcome in its intended environment. Life on a racing boat is certainly not kind to the equipment. The dynamic environment is not only dangerous to the racers themselves, but it can also take its toll on the watches they wear. Sun, salt, spray, and a seemingly limitless number of surfaces to bang one’s watch against mean that the rugged 45.5mm case on the Odyssey Regatta is a sensible choice. A thick sapphire crystal, a triple-lock crown, and 500m of water resistance are also very welcomed features.

Inside this bunker of a watch is a well-protected Valjoux 7750 Elaboré-grade chronograph movement. The 18.2mm-thick case ensures its safety, and the quality of the Swiss movement will ensure that all of the chronograph’s functions remain accurate. With it, the user can track the countdown to the start of the race, as well as the speed of the boat itself. The latter function is thanks to the special dual-scale bi-directional tachymeter bezel graduated in knots. In this blue colorway, what BOLDR describes as a “beast on the wrist” brings a bit of levity to the “strictly business” look of the original black version. This watch, like the original, comes with a suitably tough bracelet with a milled fold-over clasp and plenty of micro-adjustments. As legibility is key, plenty of Super-LumiNova can be found on the skeletonized hands, the indices, and even the bezel.

Limited to 100 pieces

This BOLDR Odyssey Regatta in blue is an attractive new take on the brand’s original regatta timer. And like the original, this new blue version is limited to just 100 units. Each example features a unique limited-edition number engraved on the solid screw-down case back. And though a bulbous case back like this contributes to the watch’s chunky nature, the Odyssey Regatta does wear better than expected. That said, it still may be rather overwhelming to those used to smaller steel watches. Strapping on a 45.5mm, 245g watch when you’re used to a Black Bay Fifty-Eight is definitely quite a change. However, the capable toolish aesthetic, the fantastic design, and the excellent execution make this quite an appealing option. When it comes to regatta timers, it’s one that’s only topped by new-vintage offerings from Omega (like the 2569.52.00).

Price-wise, though, this BOLDR is hard to beat. Though the normal retail price is $1,499 (excluding VAT) it’s available for pre-order on the BOLDR website now for $1,299. The pre-order period will continue until April 21st. The watches, however, will start shipping as early as April 19th. Whether any of the 100 pieces will remain after April 21st is anyone’s guess. But if you want one, save some money and jump on board now.

As always, please share your thoughts on the BOLDR Odyssey Regatta in the comments down below. Are you ready to hit the waves with this one on your wrist? Or does the chunky nature of this watch have you swimming straight for land? Personally, I wish it were closer to 42mm and somewhat slimmer. That said, maintaining the level of resilience and water resistance while shaving off a few millimeters is likely no easy feat. Overall, this is a promising release for BOLDR, which has been creating some of its best work in recent times.

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