In 1960, Bulova introduced the Accutron Spaceview 214 wristwatch. This battery operated non-quartz watch, was considered to be the most accurate timepiece available in those days. Using a tuning fork, this watch hummed all day and at night, it was impossible to sleep when you left this watch on the drawer next to your bed. There were several Accutron models available in the 1960s (as you can see in my 2001 article here), but the most pretty one imho is the Spaceview with the triangular shaped case as pictured below.

As you can see, the tuning fork mechanism, humming at 360 herz has been made clearly visible through the (then) plastic crystal of the Accutron watch.

At BaselWorld 2010, Bulova re-introduces the Accutron Spaceview because of its 50th anniversary. Although Bulova Accutron is nowadays a brand name for quartz operated watches, for this occasion they installed the original electronic 360hz Accutron movement. These hand made replicas will be limited to 1000 pieces and come with an incredibly nice looking wooden box and glass display case. It seems that even Bulova knows that tuning fork watches are bound to break and are only suitable for putting them on display. With a steep retail price of 4000 USD and given the fact that 1000 pieces will be sold quite quickly to collectors and Accutron aficionados, you might get an original Accutron Spaceview 214 on eBay for much less. These will break just as hard and need some conversion work to get them running with the current voltage batteries, but at least it is the original and it is a cheaper investment for a display watch.

The new Accutron Spaceview however, is really a stunning looking watch and has been a bit upgraded to current standards with respect to diameter and size.?Ǭ† Unfortunately, the circumstances in Basel didn’t allow me to take a better picture than the one below, but at least it gives you an idea about the re-edtion Spaceview.

Available in Fall 2010, just in time to celebrate its 50th anniversary on the 25th of October. Please check my old article here for some background information on Bulova Accutron timepieces.

  • RJ, I bought a fully functioning Omega Accutron this week on an original strap (I’ll email you a photo, it’s every cool as it has a diagonal keeper !) for ?Ǭ£140 delivered. Why would you $4000 for this semi-tourbillon version? Mine was a steal and is already worth more than I paid for it after a little restoration work. I’m not sure owners of this watch (1000 is quite a big run) will be able to say the same for a while.

    • Twmp

      I own 18 of the 214s.

      Yeah, I do believe they are a bit on the fragile side, but it doesn’t matter to me.

      My 50th Anniversary model is at the post office as I post.
      Can’t wait to get it tomorrow.

      A stainless large Alpha case with chapter ring.
      A hybrid of the original styles available from back then.

      As an avid collector of 214s, no way I was missing out on this.

      • Steve

        Hay guys.. I have a 1966 spaceview with the chapters, hour and minute marks. I got for a graduation present in 1968. It is in almost perfect condition and has been sitting in my wife’s dewerly box for 30 years.. Anyone interested in buying it?

  • Pchambre

    I’ve got a 42 year old 214 on my wrist right now. I own quite a few other, running, vintage tuning fork watches. Like anything, it is possible to break them, but these (especially the Bulova ones) are really very reliable watches and don’t deserve the fragile connotation you seem to be implying. Most of them run just fine off a normal Silver Oxide cell as well. Those that don’t like 1.55V can easily be adapted with a special module that takes a smaller, 394, cell, fits in place of the original 387, and outputs 1.35V. No movement mods are needed.

  • Jonno

    Got one to supplement my 42 year old Spaceview which is worn daily, running perfectly on modern batteries without modification. Trust me, the limited edition really is a stunning collectors piece…chuffed to bits to get one.

  • Aburastar

    it’s truly stunning… Is the modern 50th one bigger (dimension wise)? Are you paying MSRP of $4k or there is some room of negotiation?

  • Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they called it opportunity.

  • Jehan

    We’ve got one for sale …it’s the last one!

  • Sodedy

    I own several Accutrons, Spaceviews,etc. I would love to own one of these, but I don’t see the value in spending $4000 on a watch that will only go down in value. I already see them on Ebay for hundreds less. I will have one of these, I will just wait a couple of years and pick one up for $1000-$1200.

  • Sodedy,
    I doubt that you will ever see $1000.00.  Do the math: 1000 were hand made in 2010–400 were immediately exported. They are unique and should increase in value as the years move on.  I have a Rolex Submariner that is 25 years old–it is worth (used) approx. 3x the amount I originally paid for it.  I also have an original (genuine) Accutron Spaceview that my father paid $125.00 for it is worth about 10x its original price (maybe more).  Of course both watches are in pristine condition.

    • Comparing a vintage rolex with a Japanese reproduction Accutron is like comparing a vintage 1953 Corvette with a limited production Ford Taurus. The Corvette WILL continue to escalate in value, the Ford will certainly be worth considerably less in time. And by the way I am seeing these 50th Anniversaries as low as $2500 now. You remember the 40th Anniversary, they were $2000, now you can pick them up on EBay for as little as $400.