This customized Rolex is an initiative by Philipp Stahl (Steiner Maastricht) and Jerrel Manbodh (Manbodhwatches). It is a Jacques Piccard Edition called the Single Red DeepSea, and will be produced in only 86 pieces.

This number stands for each year of the life of Jacques Piccard. Phlipp and Jerrel have an official approval by the son of Jacques Piccard, Bertrand. The Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller that has been used, underwent quite a metamorphose. A DLC coating, engraving on the caseback and a single red wording of ‘DeepSea’ (referring to the red printed vintage Sea-Dwellers).

The watch comes in a special box and with an additional NATO strap. This project has been a crown on the work of the creator of this special edition, who is – besides watch dealer – also a true passionate of Rolex wrist watches and its history.

The ref.116660 Rolex Single Red Deep Sea – Jacques Piccard Edition will become available for 12.900 Euro, including 2 years warranty through their own watch atelier. You’ll also get an original copy of the book “7 miles down”, the story of the Bathyscaphe Trieste. World wide shipping through UPS Express. More information can be found at

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