Yesterday evening, I received an email from Daniel of the, a specialist in selling Rolexes (vintage & new). Since I am on the look-out for a 1977 (my year of birth) Submariner ref.1680, I found this site to be quite interesting. In the links section, I found a website called ‘’. This site also sounded very interesting, since I only knew about formerly known as This site has been renamed after a dispute between Rolex claiming the name ‘Submariner’ and the owner of the website.

Anyway, the website describes the Double Red Sea-Dweller (here) and has a lot of information about COMEX models as well. For those who don’t know, COMEX has a team of professional divers which are (or were?) supplied with Rolex Submariners and (later on) Sea-Dwellers. These watches have the name ‘COMEX’ printed on the dial and engraved in the caseback. The prices of these Double Red Sea-Dwellers can go up to 17.000 Euro (and probably more).

Maybe I was a bit behind on catching up with all these websites, but for those who didn’t know about them as well, go ahead and click!

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  • Great stuff RJ. I really want to get a SD someday.

  • Rambler

    The Double Red Sea Dweller (DRSD) seems to have acquired a mystical quality.

    Good, as always, to read the blog Robert-Jan. Nice article

    Rambler 🙂

  • georges zaslavsky

    Be very careful with these three months warranties, after the three months warranty if you have a problem with a watch go fight with the seller, it will cost you more time and money than you have ever thaught. These sellers claim themselves professionals but they are not always what they claim to be.

  • Hi Georges. Having never met you or had any dealings with you, i am a little surprised by your generalisation & negative comments.
    My reputation is impeccable and i would be happy for you to ask around. Let me know if your hear differently.
    This particluar watch is actually under guarentee from myself and Rolex UK for 1 year.
    I have never had a watch returned and work with all my clients to ensure they get the best service both before and a long time after a sale.
    You may have had some unfortunate experience with Dealers in the past, but please aim your negative comments at those who deserve it.

  • georges zaslavsky


    I wasn’t targeting you and my goal wasn’t to offend you.I was justing pointing out that some online dealers who say the item in the good condition but when you receive it is not the case. Sometimes not seeing the item make the purchase difficult for the individiual. I think it is more a way of buying than something else.
    Best regards and all the best with your business.

  • mario vegas

    Hi everybody…….lovers of the mystical DRSD, I own one since a veeeeeery long time, around 1975-76..! this watch is realy beautifull to look at, and I remember a gentelman at rolex forum saying the watch gonna reach 100K$ some day….hey hey, we have to take a lot of care with words like this, there is a limit for everything I believe, so my question is WHERE IS THE LIMIT……..thanks in advance for answering and sharing my point of view

  • Nils Hanner

    I own one myself, bought back in early 1978. A beauty to look at.
    Had it in the drawer for many years but now decided to do a serviceon it to bring it out in the air.
    Seen prices at $16000 but guess it never will reach 100K$, but who knows?


  • jim goodall

    had mine since 1975. still going strong.! was a working watch all of my air
    and sat looking to sell.any takers out there.? p.s.genuine “double red”.

  • look forward to hearing from you.!

  • bought mine in “watches of switzerland” in southampton second hand for?Ǭ£300 pounds in 1983 Still going strong . no idea who owned it He put it in for a service but could not afford to pay for the service cost So it had to be sold by the shop to recover the cost He just received the balance remaining

  • I was a RN Clearance Diver, North Sea Diver, I have a double red sea dweller, origional box, seal, anchor etc. I new the Comex world record holders I worked with them at Comex.

  • I was a RN Clearance Diver and North SEA Diver. I new the world record holders at Comex, I worked there with them. I have a double red sea dweller. Origional box, seals, and anchor etc.