One of the first things I think of when talking about Doxa is the brand’s use of bright colors for its dials and straps. Doxa employs a wide variety of vivid tones that stand out immediately with the characteristic design of the watches. The Whitepearl models showed that white also matches the aesthetic perfectly. Additionally, with the Doxa Army timepieces, we saw a different style despite still being colorful. And with the Sub 300T Clive Cussler, we saw that a worn and beaten look also works. Today, with the introduction of the new Sub 300β Sharkhunter, Doxa shows that a stealthy version with a gold sparkle works miracles. It transforms the hardcore dive watch into a great-looking, stylish statement.

Doxa has a lot of fans, especially among those who love iconic dive watches. And we are no different. Quite a few Fratello team members own a Sub 300. Additionally, some of them made a Doxa diver part of their list of the best watches under €3,000. It comes as no surprise and shows the popularity of the characteristic diver. While we are used to seeing it in stainless steel with brightly colored dials, recently, Doxa has graced us with some different materials, and it looks like the Sub 300 is quite a versatile watch. Now, we won’t argue that the original stainless steel model with an orange dial is still the best, but we have seen some other amazing versions.

The different faces of the Doxa Sub 300

As I mentioned in the intro, one of the most logical steps with possibly the most pleasantly surprising results was the Whitepearl collection. A white dial is in no way revolutionary, of course. But for Doxa, it was a surprising step, and it worked perfectly. I love the Sub 300 Whitepearl models a lot. Put any of them on a white rubber strap, and you’ll have a great sports watch for either the summer or the winter.

Another step was the use of forged carbon for the cases. And once again, it’s a twist that works very well. The Sub 300 Carbon Aquamarine on the turquoise strap is still one of my favorite summer watches. It looks awesome, is lightweight, and makes for a versatile piece that is perfectly suited for occasions in and on the water, as well as a late-night dinner. Next was the Doxa Army range, with the standout stainless steel model with a bronze bezel. On top of that, the combination of green, black, orange, and cream looks really tasty. Lastly, we were treated to a worn and beaten look with the Sub 300T Clive Cussler.

The new Doxa Sub 300β Sharkhunter

And now we have a new aesthetic that shows once more that the design of the Sub 300 is incredibly versatile. In the next step for the model, Doxa decided to create a version that combines an overall stealthy matte black presence with the shiny sparkle of 18K 3N gold. And the results are nothing short of surprising and stunning. But there is more to the story than just a new execution of a familiar concept. Doxa put maximum effort into making this stylish timepiece even more special by creating a thinner case for a sleeker look. For those interested, “β” is the symbol for the Greek letter “beta,” and it stands, in this case, for going beyond the conventional.

Now, let’s jump into the details so you get an idea of what the Sub 300β Sharkhunter is all about. First, the watch comes with a 42.5mm × 44.5mm black ceramic case that is 11.95mm thick and water resistant up to 300 meters. The 11.95mm thickness shaves off a substantial bit compared to the 13.4mm profile of the regular Sub 300. This ceramic case is combined with a unidirectional 18K 3N gold bezel with a black insert, and it is 0.5mm thinner than the regular models’ bezels. The outer scale (depth in feet) and inner scale (elapsed time in minutes) are executed in tone-on-tone black. The crown is also 18K 3N gold and features the Doxa fish symbol. To me, this combination of materials and colors looks phenomenal with the characteristic case design.

The dial continues the concept

If we then zoom in on the dial, you will find a matte black (Sharkhunter) background with a grained texture and a glossy black 60-minute track. Contrasting this are the gold hour markers filled with cream-colored Super-LumiNova. To achieve some stealthy black contrast, Doxa decided to execute the hands in glossy black filled with the same cream-colored Super-LumiNova. Lastly, the date display has also gotten the black treatment. Both the date disc and the printing are black, the former with a matte finish and the latter with a glossy one. I love that Doxa chose to go this route. Sure, it’s not practical at all, but it looks incredible.

The watch comes with a black FKM rubber strap that completes the look perfectly. It is fitted with a black PVD-coated folding clasp with a wetsuit extension and embossed Doxa fish symbol. It completes a look that is unique to the Sub 300β, but it’s a look that I adore. Sure, it steps away from the trusted look of a dive watch, but the way it is done is tasteful. On top of that, the design is full of small, lovable details. The grained texture of the dial, for example, looks super nice. The contrast of the matte and glossy black elements adds an extra layer on top of the combination of black and gold. And for Doxa to come up with a slimmer case fitted with a flat sapphire to keep it slim is simply fantastic.

A certified chronometer

Doxa has not disclosed what Swiss COSC-certified movement it uses for the Sub 300β. However, we know that the brand used the ETA 2824-2 in the past and switched to Sellita SW200-1 movements along the way. The movement inside SUB 300β operates at 28,800vph for 38 hours of power reserve, so it is probably the SW200-1. It is finished with Doxa-branded decorations, although these are only visible if you open the screw-back case. Lastly, the movement is placed inside a pressure-resistant titanium container to protect it.

Thoughts on the new Doxa Sub 300β Sharkhunter

In case you haven’t guessed, I adore this new Doxa Sub 300β Sharkhunter. Its looks are right up my alley. Having said that, it would never be my first and only Sub 300. I would always make this my second Sub 300 alongside the regular stainless steel model. I think those two create a perfect combination that shows the versatility of the watch. As you would expect, this Sub 300β Sharkhunter does not come cheap at €7,250. That is almost twice the price of the Sub 300 Carbon models and almost three times the price of the regular stainless steel model. On top of that, you have plenty of great choices at that price point from other brands as well.

Sure, using a ceramic case and 18K 3N gold for the bezel and crown significantly bumps the price. Add the optimizations made to the case and the bezel height, and you end up with one of the most stylish timepieces of this year. But would this very cool Doxa be worth it to you? Then again, the combination of black ceramic and gold is usually found on watches that are double or triple the price of this new Doxa Sub 300β Sharkhunter. As always, it’s a matter of perspective. Either way, I have to compliment Doxa for creating this cool new version of the iconic Sub 300. It is one of my favorite surprises of this year so far, and it will be available as of this October.

For more information, visit the official Doxa website. And let us know in the comments section what your thoughts are on this new Doxa Sub 300β Sharkhunter.

Watch specifications

Sub 300β Sharkhunter
Black with grained texture and 18K 3N gold indices
Case Material
Black ceramic with 18K 3N gold bezel ring and crown
Case Dimensions
42.5mm (diameter) × 44.5mm (lug-to-lug) × 11.95mm (thickness)
Flat sapphire
Case Back
Solid, screw-in
COSC-certified Swiss movement — 28,800vph frequency, 38-hour power reserve
Water Resistance
Black FKM rubber strap with PVD folding clasp
Time (hours, minutes, seconds), date, dive bezel with no-decompression scale
Special Note(s)
Available starting October 2023