Easy way to win a RED8 watch by Christian Bedat !

Robert-Jan Broer
October 01, 2009
Easy way to win a RED8 watch by Christian Bedat !

Tom Mulraney, of The Watch Lounge website, makes it very easy for you to win this RED8 wrist watch by Christian Bedat. With the RED8, Bedat & Co created something entirely different from their normal collection of watches. I actually like the RED8, because it is a fresh looking design with a self-winding eco-quartz movement, as we know it from the Omega Seamaster QMatic (the watch is powered by a capacitor that is charged by a spinning rotor). This would make a nice watch suitable for sports, big crown, large dial and hands.

Anyway, the only thing you need to do is go to Tom’s website and follow the instructions. You either have to sign-up for his Twitter feed or sign-up for his newsletter. Besides this great action of The Watch Lounge, Tom also hosts a very nice interview with Alon Ben-Joseph, our mutual friend and jeweler from Ace & Dik in Amsterdam.

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