Fratello on Air is here and this episode is quite a bit different. Balazs and Mike enter into a game of two questions. Enjoy!

Balazs and I are inquisitive folks. We acted on this trait with a very different type of show. Each of us came up with two questions for the other person. The rules? They were simple! The question had to relate to watches in some way and neither of us could prep the other person ahead of time. The hypothetical looms large and your hosts had to think on their feet. We think you’ll enjoy this candid listen.

Sub 300 Carbon March Madness

Wrist check and the news

Before hitting the main topic, we do a wrist check and then mention friend-of-the-show Jason Heaton’s new book. Depth Charge sounds like a riveting thriller and we’re rooting for the success of Jason’s first book!

H. Moser Cie Streamliner Centre Seconds 6200-1200.012

Two questions

The questions begin and along the way, we mention everything from Rolex to Omega to Moser. As I said, this is unscripted, so enjoy us in our natural state.


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