Welcome back to another episode of Fratello On Air. This week, we’re asking what would make us buy a Cartier watch. It’s a good question because neither of your co-hosts owns a timepiece from the incredibly popular brand. As we’ll see, the reasons have little to do with what’s currently on offer and more to do with our wearing habits.

What would make us buy a Cartier? It’s a good question, and with the popularity of the famed jeweler’s watches at an all-time high, it’s one that probably doesn’t beg for loads of discussion. Yet, here we are without one on either of our wrists. We’ll explore why and if that may change in the future. Of course, there are other discussions to be had about watches and unrelated topics. Enjoy the show!

Handgelenks Kontrolle

In this episode, we stay relatively true to our promise to limit non-watch talk to 10 minutes. Having received a question from one of our listeners, we kick things off with a chat about aluminum luggage. We then transition into a topic brought up by one of Mike’s friends in Detroit. It’s a series of movies starring Tom Selleck as the character Jesse Stone. He’s still wearing his famed Rolex GMT-Master from Magnum, P.I., which leads us to Mike’s friend’s question. Namely, is this a seriously valuable celebrity watch? As far as our wristwear, Mike is wearing a NOS Bulova Arnold from the ’40s. He received this watch during high school, and it’s now getting some long-overdue wrist time. Balazs is heading to the Big Apple, so he has on his go-to travel watch, the G-Shock GWB-5600.

What would make us buy a Cartier?

Of all the lovely watches both of us own, neither have us have ever owned a Cartier. It turns out that whenever we’ve thought about one, another watch that would likely get more wrist time has jumped to the front of the queue. This is a very different scenario than past “What Would Make You Buy Brand X” episodes where we have requested significant changes from the brands. No, we like the current Cartier lineup. We also admit that whenever we think of the brand, we cannot help but recall our dearly missed friend George Cramer. His name is synonymous with Cartier, and his articles here are classics.

We hope you enjoyed today’s show and thank you for listening. As always, if you have ideas for future episodes, feel free to let us know!