We’re back with a new episode of Fratello On Air, and this time, we ask what would make each other buy a new Rolex. While there’s no question that the brand makes amazing watches, we tend to be vintage lovers around here. Considering that, what would make us pull the trigger on a new model?

A new Rolex watch is on everyone’s shopping list, right? Not so fast. Neither of your co-hosts has a new Rolex at the top of our shopping lists. So, what would sway us? We talk about the models we do enjoy and a couple of desired changes to the lineup. Then, we shift gears and discuss the Longines Spirit Zulu Time and whether it truly stacks up against the Tudor Black Bay GMT. We hope you enjoy the show!


Handgelenks Kontrolle

We kick off our episode on what would cause us to buy a new Rolex with our normal banter. We start with shoes, and there’s a lot of excitement around the upcoming releases in 2024. We mention a few pairs that we’ll be watching closely as the year rolls forward. When it comes to the Handgelenks Kontrolle, Balazs kicks it off with his Rolex 1675 GMT-Master. He’s sporting this after wearing his friend’s vintage Rolex 5513 in Hungary. Mike is donning a vintage 35mm Tissot pointer date from the late ’40s. We discuss the history of these watches and our thoughts.

Image: The Watch Club

Buying a new Rolex

Both Balazs and I love our vintage Rolex watches. We admire current Rolex watches and do like certain models, including the GMT-Master II in “Pepsi” form, the Daytona, and even the 36mm Datejust. However, we miss the days of the more rugged and simple Rolex watches. As a result, we express our thoughts on what changes to the lineup would make us desire a new model.

After this, we move on to a discussion about the Longines Spirit Zulu Time and Longines in general. The brand has truly made some strides over the last several years. It is now often in the same discussions as Tudor, and we discuss whether this makes sense or not.

We hope you enjoy this latest episode, and thank you for listening! As always, if you have ideas for future shows, let us know.