Hello, and welcome to a sunny and warm episode of Fratello Talks! This week, Nacho, Lex, and Daan discuss summer watches. More specifically, they look at the ways they go about picking their ideal watch for the season. Is there such a thing as a perfect summer watch? If there is, you can follow Daan’s method to find it. We also outline some categories, specs, and styles that make a watch ideal for the warm weather, active lifestyles, and water-based activities we often enjoy in the summer. Whether it’s a cheap and cheerful watch with which you can enjoy carefree days abroad or an action-ready piece with all the specs to take on sand, surf, and sun, if you follow our advice, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect summer watch. But before you do so, let’s see what’s on the guys’ wrists this week.

perfect summer watch Daan Seiko SPB317

Wrist check

We begin with Daan, who is wearing his pick for a near-perfect summer watch. It’s the Seiko SPB317J1, which quickly became a reliable summer beater when he picked it up in 2022. He’s still wearing it on a yellow Tropic-style strap, a combination he’ll likely stick to over the warmer months this year. It’s comfortable, colorful, and capable, and it covers all the bases.

Lex has not picked a watch that is necessarily his summer favorite (as a leather Bund strap is more a liability than a perk in hot weather). However, the Timor Heritage Field ATP, with its fresh, clean off-white dial, is not a bad pick. It could be quite a solid choice on a NATO strap or any slightly more water/sweatproof option.

Finally, Nacho has gone with his Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Skin 53. Two years ago, he spent his summer holidays in Spain and Portugal with this watch. And though his plans to take it diving fell through, he was still able to bring it along on all sorts of adventures, including hikes to remote beaches and snorkeling in the cold, choppy waters of the Atlantic. With a no-date dial, a reliable caliber, and a little bit of cheerful orange color on the dial, seconds hand, and bezel, it’s undoubtedly a solid summer option.

summer watch Doxa Sub 200T

Fratello Talks: Finding The Perfect Summer Watch

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Summer presents a series of considerations regarding the watch you pick. In today’s episode, we discuss these and our individual preferences when it comes to a perfect summer watch. This includes Daan’s unique “three Cs” approach (which later turns into four Cs). Tune in, listen to the episode, and let us know in the comments below if you agree with our approach to finding a suitable watch for the summer. Be sure to get your watch’s water resistance tested, and double-check that the crown is properly screwed down before jumping into the pool!

And, as always, tune in next week for a new episode of Fratello Talks!