Hello there, and welcome to another episode of Fratello Talks. This week, Thomas, Lex, and Nacho discuss Seiko watches. A Seiko is a staple of most watch enthusiasts’ collections, whether it’s a first-ever mechanical watch or an inexpensive curiosity, a vintage rarity in museum-worthy condition, or anything in between. And though there will certainly be those out there who turn their nose up at the brand, most of us will have (at some point or another) been proud stewards of a watch bearing the name Seiko on its dial. With a great range in terms of price, function, and design, it’s no wonder the brand is so well liked. But before we jump into the discussion, let’s see what watches the guys are wearing today.

why everyone loves Seiko watches Skyliner

Wrist check

There are no surprises here today as we jump into the first wrist check of today’s episode. Thomas came prepared with a vintage Seiko Skyliner on his wrist. Most of us would have expected him to rock his trusty SKX009, but he opted for this no less impressive yet significantly classier number from the late ’60s/early ’70s instead. This period was rather prolific for the brand, as evidenced by the endless variety of watches from that time that are still around today. The world of vintage Seiko is a vast and deeply satisfying one in which relatively little money can often go a long way.

Slightly less prepared, Lex had to borrow our cameraman Matthijs’s Seiko SBSA017. This is not just your everyday Sports 5 model, though, as he purchased this one in Japan. That makes it an alternative to the more common (here in Europe) SRPD73. It features a subtle dark brown sunburst dial and a Japanese day wheel and comes on a comfortable mesh bracelet. At well under €500, it’s a lot of bang for the buck. And though he didn’t wear one today, Lex has a small collection of about 3–4 Seiko watches.

Finally, Nacho is wearing an old favorite, his Seiko SRPC35, also known as the “Mini Turtle.” Now discontinued, it is a watch well on its way to becoming a future classic. The Mini Turtle has its fair share of unmistakable Seiko looks. It’s also a nicely proportioned, well-specced watch and a great alternative to the 44mm Turtle (SRP777). Originally priced at around €350 on a steel bracelet with a dive extension and solid end links, it packs quite a punch. It may not be his most worn watch, but it still gets some wrist time and brings plenty of enjoyment now and then.

Fratello Talks: Why Everyone Loves Seiko Watches

Owning a Seiko watch is a rite of passage for almost all watch enthusiasts. Nacho’s first automatic watch was a vintage Seiko 7005-8150 from the late ’70s, and surely, many of you have a similar story. It may well have been one of the many brilliant budget-friendly Seiko 5 models that first set you down the path. Or maybe it was the ubiquitous yet sadly discontinued Seiko SKX007. Some will enjoy looking back fondly at memories of early Seikos, and others will enjoy wearing them with their friends, much like Thomas and Lex enjoy wearing theirs.

why everyone loves Seiko watches Thomas and Lex

Some will also appreciate the brand’s eclectic collections and endless selection across all price ranges and genres (which extends even further if you count its sister brands Grand Seiko and Credor). Let’s just say there’s a good chance that most of you hold some degree of appreciation for the Japanese brand.

In today’s podcast, we delve into some more of the reasons why we love the brand and why we think most collectors and enthusiasts will share in the opinion. But we’d also love to hear your stories. Make sure to leave them in the comments section below.

And, of course, tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!