Some watch aficionados will argue that there’s no better choice of watch strap to pair with your chronograph than a racing strap. And, while I believe there are plenty of styles that work well with certain chronographs, it is hard to argue against the perfect harmony of a perforated racing strap and a multi-sub-dial chronograph when it’s done right. Not wanting to leave its customers without a high-quality option, Genteel Handmade has stepped up to the plate with its rally strap selection.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a chronograph in your collection! Rally straps look very nice on time-only watches. Personally, I like to pair a rally strap with a six o’clock sub-dial as I think that the circular perforations of a racing strap vibe really nicely with any kind of sub-dial watch.

Comfortable and practical

One of the best things about rally straps is how comfortable they are. A racing watch strap is extremely comfortable, especially in the summer months. The increased airflow to the wrist thanks to all those perforations goes without saying, but the lightness of the strap due to their being so much less material is really noticeable.

Interestingly, the origins of the racing strap are tellingly apt. The design of the holes/cutouts was inspired directly by the weight-saving perforations present in certain parts of racing cars and also from the driver’s racing gloves.


A vivid lining

Genteel Handmade offers two types of racing strap designs. The first design has equal perforations all over the strap. The second design, however, more recalls the “traditional” rally style of strap. Rally straps typically boast three, very large centralized perforations. The second style has slightly larger holes in the center row, but these holes are flanked by tinier perforations. It is odd how big a difference the larger centerline makes.

…a very exciting and incredibly sporty accessory.

I like both styles but were I to go for the second design, I would feel compelled to also team it with a bright and eye-catching lining, as it would be far more visible through those larger holes from oblique angles. To me, that would make for a very exciting and incredibly sporty accessory.


Hand made

The perforations are entirely made by hand. It is an intricate process that takes years to learn and even longer to master. So why doesn’t Genteel handmade cut corners? Why don’t they use machines instead? GH sticks to its principles. George and his team believe that a watch strap created entirely by hand is more unique, long-lasting, and full of personality.


If you want a fully custom strap, Genteel Handmade can sort you out. George and co now offer 65 different leather options. You can choose different colors, textures, and, of course, dimensions. Additionally, you can even have your own initials embossed on the strap. Considering there are so many options to choose from, the only limit is your imagination. Learn more about Genteel Handmade here.

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