Another week, another watch. This week I’ll be out on a motorbike trip, so I thought I needed a sporty automotive inspired watch. Let’s see if the Gorilla Fastback is a good choice.

Gorilla Fastback – 52Mondayz, week #20

Robert-Jan did an extensive review of a pre-production model of this watch here ‘Gorilla Fastback – A First Look‘ and were already quite impressed at that time. Of course a watch from the hand of a man with a track record like Octavio Garcia pulls out some expectations.

Gorilla Fastback

First 500

The watch I’m wearing now is one of the first 500 production models. These 500 come numbered and, except for the nice black leather strap with red stitching, they come with a complimentary rubber strap as well. When I received the watch the rubber strap was on it, and the first thing I did was taking it off. I never like rubber straps.

Rubber strap

That was a bit too quickly though. While putting the watch on with the leather strap I mentioned that the rubber strap looked in fact quite good on it. The leather strap is nice and beautiful, however doesn’t fit to the watch as neat as the rubber one. That one really becomes one with the watch case and follows flawlessly it’s strong lines.

Gorilla Fastback

Then as well, the leather strap didn’t fit to me as pleasant as expected and I decided to put the rubber strap back on. That was something of a thing. Although having changed straps more often in my life, and having (and using) the right tool, it gave me a very hard time. Once entering the strap between the lugs of the case, there’s hardly any sight on the spring bars. It’s like trying to get your key in a lock, blindfolded.

Technical Aspects

Because of the above mentioned review we did I won’t go to far into the technical aspects and specifications of the Gorilla Fastback. I’ll just mention a few things which draw my attention when using it.

Once wearing this watch one immediately mentions the wonderful use of materials. ‘Beyond reason’ as Gorilla points it out on their website. However it probably isn’t totally beyond reason.

Gorilla Fastback

Exotic materials

In my opinion the titanium case back is highly anti-allergic. Then the carbon makes this quite substantial casing very lightweight, and thus comfortable to wear. The red anodized aluminum disc on top of the casing and in between the bezel is probably just for its technical attractive color. However the ceramic of the bezel as such makes it extremely scratch resistant, just like the sapphire of the crystal.

Noisy like a Ducati

The quite loud noise of the automatic Miyota movement is the next one will mention about the watch. Like many Swiss movements, the rotor of this movement as well can be easily heard running. My experience is that in this watch is seems even louder. Most probably because the use of carbon for the casing.

And I don’t even find it disturbing. The engine of my Ducati is extremely loud in terms of mechanical noise as well. It adds somewhat to the automotive-like mechanical experience.

Gorilla Fastback

Buckle upside down?

The buckle of the rubber strap is something a bit odd. One would expect the name and/or logo of the watch brand on the outside of it. However it’s not there. On the outside there is a diamond-like pattern, while the Gorilla brand name is on the inside of it. The pictures will explain it better than my description probably.

Gorilla Fastback

Better readability

Compared to the pre-production model of the Gorilla Fastback which we reviewed, something has changed in the dial. I can’t exactly pin-point what it is, however it enhances the readability. Probably the open grooves are less wide, but most probably it’s the movement below it. This seems darker in color to me, attracting less attention due to it, and thus enhancing the readability.

Attractive Price

Last but not least I want to mention the price of the watch. I’ve asked some out-of-the-watch-business people about their idea of the value. But one they all guessed a price much higher than the sales price of approximately € 960,= including VAT where Gorilla sells the watch for on their website.

The main reasons for the higher expected prices were the use of the beautiful and quite exotic materials, as well the high level of finishing.