As another Thanksgiving comes around, we’re swiftly gliding into the holiday season. Hamilton steps up with a festive showcase to bring out the explorer’s spirit in us. Featured are six of the brand’s popular models, including the versatile Jazzmaster Performer, the sleek Khaki Field, and the retro quartz classics PSR and Ventura. Get ready to be dazzled by a selection that inspires adventure in every gift.

This year, Hamilton’s festive campaign takes on a dazzling theme highlighted by the enchanting northern lights. Interestingly, its timing couldn’t be better in tapping one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomena. As it happens, the 2023/24 aurora season is set to enter the peak of the current solar cycle, which is promising spectacular displays in the next few years. If you don’t live in the polar regions, consider this a sign to embark on an experience of a lifetime.

The bewitching aurora

How do I know this? Well, I’m obsessed with the auroras, so much so that I have chased them in the wilderness of the Arctic several times. For me, there’s nothing more magical than watching those ethereal ribbons of light dancing and sashaying across the sky. Forget fireworks; here, you feel like you are touching the universe. But like all things in nature, they come in cycles. The auroras follow an approximate 11-year solar cycle, so their intensity and frequency ebb and flow.

The great news is that Solar Cycle 25 is predicted to be stronger than the last cycle, according to the clever people at the Space Weather Prediction Center. That means there are greater opportunities to see them further from the poles. Of course, that includes the aurora borealis (northern lights) in the Northern Hemisphere and the aurora australis (southern lights) in the Southern Hemisphere. I am already planning my next return to the winter wonderland.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Automatic

But the question here is, would I choose the Jazzmaster Performer Automatic 34mm as my companion for a wild aurora chase? In the open backcountry at -30°C, where my iPhone’s battery would quickly fail, I’d say a mechanical watch is a safe bet. The H-10 movement inside, boasting an 80-hour power reserve, would certainly offer peace of mind. Plus, the nickeled hands and indexes treated with Super-LumiNova atop a bright blue dial would be a boon in those deep, dark winter conditions. This stainless steel three-hander is priced at €1,225.

Hamilton Festive Campaign 2023 Jazzmaster Performer Automatic Chronograph

The Jazzmaster Performer Automatic Chronograph

In the same vein, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Automatic Chronograph 42mm would suit those with a larger wrist. Its robust H-31 automatic chronograph movement, which also incorporates a Nivachron balance spring, provides a 60-hour power reserve. The classic design features a sunburst blue dial paired with a blue perforated leather strap and folding clasp, offering a blend of elegance and sportiness. Ideal for any adventure, from alpine weekends to cross-country road trips, this watch is a versatile piece with a price of €2,445.

Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition

And for those who cherish a sleeping bag under an open sky over the city’s neon glow, the Khaki Field Expedition 41mm stands as an unbeatable choice. Tracing back to the trenches of WWI, the Khaki Field line has become the quintessential, dependable field watch. This model is not just about heritage, but it’s also about functionality. It comes equipped with a compass bezel and features the reliable H-10 automatic movement. Offering versatility in style, the latest Khaki Field Expedition is available in several variations. This black-dial version has a price of €1,195.

Hamilton Festive Campaign 2023 Khaki Field Murph

The Khaki Field Murph

For the stargazers and astro-dreamers, the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph is a stellar pick (excuse the pun!). Based on the very watch featured in the Academy Award-winning film Interstellar, the Murph blends the allure of cinema with the functionality of a classic field watch. Perfect for fans of the movie or those seeking a timepiece with timeless style, this new Murph 38mm caters to every wrist. With prices beginning at €995, it’s an accessible piece of blockbuster history and horological merit.

Hamilton Ventura Flex

Hamilton’s cinematic legacy is certainly illustrious. The brand’s watches have appeared in over 500 films and TV shows, earning Hamilton a special place in Hollywood. The standout moment came when Elvis Presley wore a Hamilton Ventura in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii, catapulting the watch into pop-culture fame. This iconic model, later a staple in the Men in Black series, offers a wide range of designs and sizes. The Ventura Flex features a black dial with an electrical-pulse design and nickeled hands. Housed in a 32.3 × 50.3mm stainless steel case, this quartz model retails for €995.

Hamilton Festive Campaign 2023 PSR


For a dose of otherworldly imagination, the Hamilton PSR is your best bet. This homage to the revolutionary 1970 Hamilton Pulsar, the world’s first electric digital wristwatch, blends retro-futuristic charm with modern innovation. The PSR echoes the Pulsar’s groundbreaking style and technology, still appearing ahead of its time over 50 years later. Today’s model upgrades to a modern construction with an LCD and OLED hybrid display protected by a sapphire crystal. In its 40.8 × 37.7mm stainless steel armor, the watch is available for €845.

Hamilton Festive Campaign 2023 Khak Field Expedition

Just get out there

And rest assured that even the PSR would suit venturing into the Arctic these days. Things are now getting fancy, and you don’t have to brave the big freeze in the wee hours to chase the lights (if you don’t want to). There are luxury glass igloos offering heated open-view lodging and modern amenities, elevating the polar experience. So whether you’re under the aurora-lit sky or embarking on urban escapades, there are ample inspirations for diverse adventures. Just as Hamilton reminds us, it’s all about “making special memories with the ones that matter most — no matter where you are.”

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