Sinn is consistently praised for its ultra-functional timepieces. Watches are developed to serve a function first, and the form must serve that function. But there is no denying that Sinn has also developed an instantly recognizable style in that quest for functional excellence. A style that many people, including myself, love. With the new T50 line, Sinn introduces the titanium brother of the brand’s U50 range. Besides a different material, the aesthetic has a significantly more toned-down feel. It makes this new T50 the brand’s potentially best modern daily diver.

When I first saw the new titanium Sinn T50, the watch felt familiar. Maybe even a bit too familiar. But put it next to its Goldbronze brothers, and you will get an idea that something new is happening for Sinn. As Michael said in his introduction article about the T50 line: Did you expect two-tone on a Sinn tool watch? I, for one, didn’t. But the results are surprisingly cool. I had a chance to go hands-on with the full titanium model. Maybe it’s the least exciting of the three, but it might just turn out to be the most popular.

The three Sinn T50 models—a brief overview

Sinn introduced a total of three different T50 models. The first was a 300-piece limited edition T-50 Goldbronze that Lex reviewed. It showed the fantastic possibilities with the T50 design with a Goldbronze case that develops a great patina. On top of that, it came with a distinctive gray “Dekorschliff” dial. The results were flamboyant and stylish. Who thought a very functional Sinn could be this cool? It seemed there were many fans because all 300 pieces were gone quickly.

Sinn T50 Goldbronze

The limited edition T50 Goldbronze

The second of the three models is the two-tone T50 GBDR that combines a titanium case and bracelet with a Goldbronze bezel and a black dial. Another model that shows how cool the T50 design is when executed in two different materials. Lastly, there is the full titanium model that I had a chance to check out. While the other two models are more extravagant with the use of Goldbronze, this full titanium model might just be the most popular with a bigger audience.

The specs of the T50 in titanium

As Mike already wrote a lengthy introduction article explaining the history and context of the T50 line, I’ll stick to the wearing experience and my first opinions after witnessing the T50 in titanium up close. The watch comes with a 41mm bead blasted titanium case that is 12.3mm thick and has a 47mm lug-to-lug and a 20mm lug spacing. The case comes with drilled lugs and is water resistant up to 500 meters. The T50 comes with an Ar-Dehumidifying capsule, and this titanium version is Tegimented to avoid scratching. You can get the watch on a leather strap, silicone strap, or titanium bracelet.

We received the watch on a titanium bracelet, which would be the choice for many of us. I would probably also pick it on the bracelet as it seems like the fitting solution. From there on, you can mix it up with fabric and rubber straps as you go. But I have to say both the two-tone and full titanium models look fantastic on the brand’s light gray silicone straps. It makes for a visually superb combination that I would gladly wear during the hotter days of the year.

The looks of the T50 are familiar but better

As I already explained, this is still very much a functionally developed tool watch. But there is an undeniable character to even the simplest of the three models that has great charm. The 41mm case features a titanium bezel with a diving scale executed in black and white. As you can see, every five-minute mark is engraved and filled with black. The minute markings in between are executed in white. That monochromatic color scheme is continued on the dial. The matte black dial is graced by bright white minute markers that light up bright in the dark.

The sword-style hands are large and make it very easy to read the time. A nice detail is that the lume marker on the bezel and the minute and seconds hand light up blue in the dark. The hour markers and the hour hand light up green, so you’ll get a pleasant contrast of colors. While it looks super stylish, it is also very functional, with the minute and seconds hand visually connected to the timing aspect of the dive bezel.

It’s a matter of fine details that make this such a great design

Zooming in on the matte black dial, we see the T50 model-related text executed over three lines. I like this detail as it again plays with the color scheme and prevents the dial from getting boring. The small text “Made in Germany” is also incorporated as a bit of quality sign-off that is hardly visible. But I love that it’s there. Another detail is the neatly integrated date window of the Sellita SW300-1. It is executed with a black date wheel with white text and blends in nicely.

It is operated by the substantial screw-down crown located just below 4 o’clock. I’ll level it up to you to decide whether that is a visually distracting detail. I can honestly say that wearing the watch didn’t bother me one second. But if you focus your attention on it, the visual ‘misalignment’ does stand out. Here is a quick recap of the Sellita that powers the watch. The SW300-1 is an automatic movement that is based on the ETA 2892-A2 and has 25 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve. It has proven a reliable go-to for many brands in different price segments.

If you have ever handled a Sinn watch with a bracelet, you are familiar with the style. If you’ve ever handled a titanium Sinn diver, you know the bracelet is very light. It’s definitely not the most beautiful H-link bracelet out there. But admittedly, the style does fit the case’s overall design very well. And that, in the end, is what it is all about. After sizing it, the bracelet wraps itself comfortably around the wrist.

Wearing the Sinn T50 in titanium

When I closed it, I was reminded why I never enjoyed this clasp. The stamped construction features a dive extension, as you would expect from a dive watch. But the overall quality of the clasp is decent at best. We have seen many brands develop high-quality solutions, and I think it’s time that Sinn also invests in developing and/or using better clasps for its dive watches.

I had the same experience with the black U50 S Mother-of-pearl S Limited Edition, and it’s a shame that it feels not on par with the rest of the watch because I love the looks and the feel of the watch on the wrist.

Once on the wrist, the Sinn T50 is a great modern dive watch with an appealing monochromatic color scheme. Its slim profile is a joy to wear. While it is not super slim, it does feel like that. The flattened overall profile makes it nice and slim. Combined with the light weight of titanium, it’s a joy to wear. To top it all off, I must admit that I seriously dig the looks of this piece too.

Most of the Sinn U-models have hints of bright red on the dial. At the same time, they are functional because it’s Sinn. I am not necessarily the biggest fan of bright red. That’s why this feels like a welcome breath of fresh air. Combined with remarkable comfort, this is a stand-out modern dive watch.

Final thoughts about the Sinn T50 titanium

Admittedly, I also tried the watch on the two-piece fabric strap from the Goldbronze model, and it gives the watch a super cool look. Unfortunately, we do not have pictures of that, but the low weight and the rugged looks make for a fantastic watch. And as I said, I maybe like the watch best on the silicone strap that Sinn offers the watch on. Come to think of it, that’s what my choice would be. That option is also the most expensive at €3,380. On a leather strap, it is €2,990; on the titanium bracelet, it is €3,340.

Mike also discussed that many people still think a Sinn should be close to €2K. While that ship sailed long ago, I understand the sentiment. Additionally, there is a lot of fierce competition if you want to spend €3–4K for a dive watch. You’re looking at many big and small brands that offer great value for money. Do I think Sinn can stand out? The short answer is: yes!

In terms of functionality and design, you get an excellent watch. A great piece that will get plenty of love from true watch aficionados. How many of those would pick this over one of the big Swiss brands is a valid question. On the silicone gray strap, I would keep this in mind as an option at all times. It is a great modern lightweight titanium dive watch with its unique style that will never fail you. That’s why it is a Sinn, to begin with.

For more information, visit the official Sinn website. Let us know your thoughts about the Sinn T50 in titanium in the comments section.