When we talk about Casio, the first thing that pops up in most people’s minds is G-Shock. But Casio also offers several models under its Edifice sub-brand for people who are into watches inspired by the world of motorsports. The designs of many of the Edifice watches can be described as modern and sometimes even futuristic. Additionally, the timepieces offer a wide array of different functions, making them modern tool watches that incorporate the fast-paced racing world. The latest addition to the Edifice collection is the ECB-2000D series, which takes design inspiration from the suspension of formula race cars. Additionally, the Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A introduces a new case construction. Time to find out more.

The first thing that stands out with the Casio Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A is that it’s a serious piece of kit. There is no denying the watch has a lot of wrist presence. If you look a little closer, you will see that the design features several characteristic elements. Some define its presence, and some are really intricate. But all of them make for a watch that has a great deal to offer. Because there is more to the ECB-2000D-1A than its design. The watch has the functionalities to back the design up perfectly.

Casio Edifice ECB-2000D-1A

Discovering the design of the Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A

Let’s kick things off with the design of the Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A. The “Sospensione” in the name comes from the Italian word for “suspension”, of course. The ECB-2000 models are the first Edifice watches that come equipped with a carbon-fiber-reinforced resin case. The design arranges the lugs in a four-arm configuration, and the lugs are reinforced with carbon fiber as well. The lightweight materials remind us of the carbon fiber used for sports cars to reduce the overall weight. On top of that, they give it a distinct look that many people love.

Casio Edifice ECB-2000D-1A

The case with its steel bezel measures 47.8mm in diameter, 51mm from lug to lug, and 10.8mm thick. Thus, it is substantial in overall size but fairly slim in its profile. The watch has a water-resistance rating of 100 meters and a solar-powered quartz movement inside. The Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A comes on a stainless steel bracelet and weighs 125 grams. The weight adds a certain presence to the overall watch, making it feel like a serious timepiece.

Casio Edifice ECB-2000D-1A

Inspired by the world of racing

Underneath the mineral crystal, you will see the suspension-arm design if we zoom in on the dial. More specifically, the design takes after the four-arm suspension used in race cars, with two arms above and two below. It results in a mechanical face with a race-car-inspired motif. The lugs are configured in a four-arm arrangement. It fits the design of the large hour markers perfectly. Additionally, the suspension design gives room to mention the different functions of the solar-powered watch.

Casio Edifice ECB-2000D-1A

The watch’s overall look is that of a predominantly mechanical watch, but the analog-digital face is packed with counters for everything a motorsports fan could ever want. Still, the design remains clean and easy to navigate. Additionally, in the dark, the LED Super Illuminator light ensures you can use the watch without any trouble. Overall, the look of the stainless steel bezel and pushers with the stainless steel bracelet adds seriousness to the design. It makes the watch appear a little less sporty than some of its blacked-out collection mates in the Edifice Sospencione line. But as you can see in the pictures, the Edifice ECB-2000D-1A is still a sports watch first and foremost.

The Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A is packed with features

As mentioned before, the watch is packed with Casio’s best wrist-worn technology. First off, the watch is solar-powered, or Tough Solar, as Casio calls it. Fully charged, it will operate for seven months without the need to charge it again. That is impressive and convenient at the same time. It ensures that the watch will keep running and can perform the wide array of functions it comes equipped with.

On top of that, it offers Smartphone Link to unlock the best racing functionalities with the help of your smartphone. Casio made a dedicated race app for the watches to access precision timekeeping which is inspired by the timekeeping instruments that racing teams use. The app also makes it possible to configure several watch features, including the world-time functions inspired by traveling racing teams that cross the globe. The watch has a 200-lap memory for the stopwatch timer, but if you want to secure your racing data, you can transfer it with the app’s help.

Casio Edifice ECB-2000D-1A

The watch offers great functionality

Besides the use of the app, the watch is obviously also packed with functions. Amongst them are regular timekeeping thanks to the two analog hands, and there is a sub-dial with a countdown timer. Digital counters located at the bottom right of the dial show the time digitally in 12/24-hour format. Additionally, the watch has a fully automatic calendar that displays the day and date, a timer, and a stopwatch function.

The stopwatch measures elapsed time, split time, and final time with 1/100th-second accuracy for up to 24 hours. You can also move the hands out of the way of the digital timers with the push of a button. Furthermore, the watch goes into power-saving mode when it is left in the dark. This means that the digital display goes blank to save power. Lastly, the solar-powered movement offers an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month.

Casio Edifice ECB-2000D-1A

A great watch for the hardcore race fans

On the wrist, the Casio Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A feels solid, sturdy, and like a proper, serious timepiece. The size is substantial, but thanks to the comfortable bracelet and the slim profile, this ECB-2000 is easy to wear. The carbon-fiber-reinforced lugs add some extra flair to the stainless steel look, and the suspension design draws you in immediately. For €199, this Casio Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A offers great value for money, a characteristic that we have come to love about Casio.

But it must be said that the Edifice brand is targeted at a very specific audience, as Rob explained. If you are not a fan of racing and motorsports, the Edifice brand, and more specifically, this ECB-2000D-1A, might not appeal to you. But for those who are racing fans, this could be a great timepiece that offers the best in terms of daily wear and racing functionalities while supporting the passion for motorsports. I know that there are tons of fans out there who will appreciate that, and this Casio Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000D-1A is a great option for them.

For more information, visit the official Edifice website.