It is no secret that I enjoy the Tudor Black Bay Pro. It is at the top of my list of watches to buy, and hopefully, that won’t take too long anymore. But as long as it’s not part of my collection, I’ll jump on any occasion to wear the watch and get confirmation that it is still as great as I remembered it. That’s why I jumped on the chance to wear the Black Bay Pro with three new Forstner bracelets. For a while, the American brand has had aftermarket bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay series in its collection. But with new end links to fit the Tudor Black Bay Pro, you can now change the look of this popular GMT. I had a chance to switch between the options and find my favorite to fit my favorite Tudor model.

In the world of aftermarket bracelets, Forstner has built quite a reputation for itself. I remember vividly when the brand released the “Komfit” JB mesh bracelet and the Flat Link bracelets for the Omega Speedmaster. As we are Speedy enthusiasts at Fratello, it probably is not surprising that quite a few Fratello team members jumped on the chance to get those. Over time, we have seen various bracelets emerge from the Forstner camp. Among them is a series of bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay and Black Bay 58 models. The brand now releases its Model J, Model O, and President 1450 bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay Pro. It’s time to find out which fits the popular Tudor GMT the best.

Forstner bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay series

We have covered the Forstner bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay series here on Fratello. First, our copy editor Brandon tried the Model J bracelet for his first-generation Tudor Black Bay. It’s fun to read that review again. First and foremost, Brandon’s enthusiasm for the bracelet is obvious in the review. Secondly, a year after Brandon fitted the Jubilee-style bracelet to his Black Bay Burgundy, Tudor released the new METAS-certified Black Bay Burgundy on a Jubilee-style bracelet.

It matches the style of the Black Bay quite well, as Brandon already concluded in his review of the Forstner Model J. I had a chance to witness that myself when I reviewed the reintroduced Black Bay Burgundy last year.

After Brandon’s review, Mike tried the same model J on his Black Bay 58 925. With slimmer 20mm end links, the bracelet fits the smaller Black Bay model perfectly. Lastly, Brandon also had a chance to strap the Model O bracelet to his Black Bay Burgundy later that year. It was a perfect Oyster-style alternative to Tudor’s faux-rivet bracelets. It’s a smart move by Forstner as the fake rivets are a much-debated detail of the Black Bay bracelets. We have not yet covered the third and last option for the Tudor Black Bay on Fratello. But we did cover the Forstner President (1450) on the Omega Speedmaster before. That same model for the Black Bay is the third option Forstner offers.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro

The bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay Pro

Regarding the Black Bay Pro, Forstner offers these three styles with end links specifically created to fit Tudor’s popular GMT. As I said, when Forstner offered to let us try all three bracelets on a Black Bay Pro, I did not hesitate for a second. I first thought the Model O would be a comfortable replacement for the OEM faux-rivet bracelet. While I do not mind the style of the Tudor bracelet, I prefer the Oyster-style bracelet’s cleaner lines. So that would be an instant winner in my opinion.

Regarding the two other options, I had my initial reservations. Usually, I like to keep watches the way the brand intended them to be. And if I don’t like an OEM bracelet on a watch, that is often an immediate “no-go.” I am pretty conservative in that sense. But I also understand what Forstner does by offering three stylish bracelets inspired by classic Rolex designs for the vintage-inspired Tudor models. It seems like a match made in heaven, at least on paper. But how would it turn out in the metal? I quickly found out the surprising results of switching these bracelets constantly.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro Model O

The Forstner Model O for the Black Bay Pro

Let’s start things off with the Model O. As mentioned. This Oyster-style bracelet is a logical aftermarket replacement for Tudor’s OEM bracelet. The newly developed end links are 20mm wide and look nice and solid. Fitting the bracelet to the Black Bay Pro is not too hard with a fork-style tool.

Once on the watch, you will see perfectly how the bracelet tapers nicely from 20mm to 16mm. Sizing the bracelet is easy thanks to the single-headed screws in the links. Forstner includes a screwdriver with your purchase to make things even easier.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro Model O

Another thing that stands out immediately is the fully brushed finish. I like that a lot because it nicely complements the style of the Black Bay Pro. We all know that the steep sides are polished, giving off a dramatic effect. However, apart from some small details, the front of the watch is brushed. As a result, this bracelet’s all-brushed finish suits the watch well.

The fully milled clasp features six holes for micro-adjustment and feels very solid. It features the old Jacoby-Bender logo engraved in relief and a double-push-button closure that is easy to use. Finally, the single spring link behind the clasp for increased flexibility is a nice addition that shows great attention to detail.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro Model O on wrist

The Model O on the wrist

Once on the wrist, the bracelet feels familiar in all the right ways. If you have ever tried a Forstner bracelet, you know it combines familiar style with a great finish, excellent wearability, and fantastic vintage charm, which is perfect for the Black Bay.

The Model O feels right at home on the Tudor Black Bay Pro, just as it would on any Black Bay model, I might add. I love the fully brushed finish, the elegant 4mm taper, and the stylish clasp. It is a great fit for my favorite current Tudor model.

Quickly after I started wearing the watch on the Model O bracelet, I knew that this was a must-have for those who want a great alternative to the Tudor’s OEM bracelet. This proved my initial hypothesis right. But I had two more bracelets to try. Could they surprise me and be even better than the bracelet that feels naturally at home on the Black Bay Pro? As it turned out, there was a less obvious option that completely won me over.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro Model J

The Forstner Model J for the Black Bay Pro

After removing the Model O, it was time to change things up drastically. The next option was the Model J, which is modeled after the famous Rolex Jubilee bracelet. It turned out to be a dramatic change from the Model O. The Model J features the famous five-row design with polished center links and brushed outer links. The visual contrast between the two is striking.

The smooth and shiny center links pop compared to the soft, satiny presence of the outer links. Like the Model O, the bracelet tapers nicely from 20mm at the end links to 16mm at the clasp. Speaking of which, the clasp features a vertically brushed center portion. Flanking it, you will find recessed, mirror-polished channels that contrast nicely.

The solid end links also feature that same contrast in finishing. Because of their substantial size and presence, the dramatic effect of different finishes is the most impactful. I loved seeing the visual drama, but would it also suit the Black Bay Pro? I quickly found out that it works with the style of the watch quite well.

As the most extravagant option, I initially thought it might clash with the tool-watch style of the Black Bay Pro. As it turned out, though, it brings a nice sense of refinement that contrasts nicely with the watch. Therefore, this is a good option if you are looking for something completely different from the standard OEM bracelet.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro Model J pocket shot

The Model J on the wrist

Another question that I had was how the most flexible of the three bracelets would handle the substantial case of the Black Bay Pro. As most of you will know, the 39mm case is 14.6mm thick, making it a substantial watch in proportions and weight (86 grams for the watch head alone). But I must say that if you size the bracelet well, the watch will sit comfortably on your wrist. The bracelet’s thin profile and the watch’s chunkiness contrast visually but work together surprisingly well.

I enjoyed the Model J quite a bit, but it is my least favorite out of the three options. It is purely a personal observation, but the chunky, ultra-technical feel and all-steel aesthetic of the Black Bay Pro are more rugged than the elegant and refined character of the Model J.

I love the Jubilee style, but it goes hand-in-hand with the Tudor’s slimmer case profile. So, it’s not necessarily a Forstner issue. It’s more a wish to make the Black Bay Pro slimmer to bring the two closer together. Despite that, wearing the Model J watch was a great experience, and I can see this work for people who love somewhat contrasting styles.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro President 1450

The Forstner President (1450) for the Black Bay Pro

The last option I tried was the Forstner President (1450). And, as you might have guessed, that is the bracelet that surprisingly won me over completely. After fitting the bracelet and sizing it to my wrist, my Fratello colleagues Nacho and Laurits immediately said, “That looks super good!” And I had that same feeling. This recreation of the famous Omega 1450 bracelet perfectly matches the Black Bay Pro. The bracelet’s slightly more refined yet rugged style brilliantly fits the overall aesthetic.

Like the other two bracelets, the President (1450) also tapers from 20mm to 16mm. The fully brushed finish matches the watch’s overall finish, and the clasp is the same as that of the Model O bracelet.

Just like the Model O, this bracelet also has a single spring link behind the clasp for increased flexibility. Everything about this combination makes sense. Despite being inspired by the famous 1450 Speedmaster bracelet, it seems like a match made in heaven with the Black Bay Pro.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro President 1450

The President (1450) on the wrist

Once I put the watch on my wrist, something clicked. At that moment, I was 100% certain that the Black Bay Pro was the watch for me and the Forstner President (1450) was the aftermarket bracelet to go with it. The bracelet hugs the wrist and, at the same time, balances out the watch perfectly. On top of that, visually, the two are completely in sync.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro President 1450 on wrist

While I mixed things up multiple times to get a good feel for all three bracelets, this is the one that I kept coming back to as the surprisingly brilliant option. It did something more than offer a great alternative for the Tudor OEM bracelet. The Forstner President (1450) made the Tudor Black Bay Pro even better for me.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro President 1450 clasp

If I ever had any doubts about wanting this watch, they are now completely gone. The combination of the Black Bay Pro and the Forstner President (1450) makes this the watch I want more than ever. And that is a huge compliment for Forstner.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro President 1450

Final thoughts on the Forstner Black Bay Pro bracelets

After spending a couple of days with all three bracelets, I finally tasted the brilliance of Forstner’s aftermarket bracelet options. Besides wanting a Tudor Black Bay Pro more than ever, I would also immediately buy the President (1450) and the Model J for the watch. The three bracelet options offer everything I need to enjoy the Tudor Black Bay Pro to its full potential. A leather or nylon strap might also find its way to the BB Pro every once in a while. But most of all, I would wear the watch on the two Forstner bracelets; that much seems certain.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro

Regarding pricing, the three bracelets are equal in price to the other Tudor bracelets. The Model O is US$175, the Model J is $165, and the President (1450) is $185. Considering what you get for the money, that is rather amazing. The style, the quality, the finishing, and the comfort are all excellent.

Forstner bracelets Tudor Black Bay Pro President 1450

These Forstner bracelets are the go-to aftermarket options for any Tudor watch, particularly the Black Bay Pro. I have to thank Forstner for allowing me to try the Black Bay Pro again. But most importantly, I have to thank the folks there for letting me try the watch on these bracelets. I know what I have to do. My future watch mission is clearer than ever.

The Forstner bracelets for the Tudor Black Bay Pro are available now on the Forstner website. Let us know in the comments section what your favorite of the three options is for the Black Bay Pro.

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