Tudor has just announced a multitude of new Black Bay models as part of its Watches and Wonders 2023 releases. This new generation of Black Bays introduces a heritage call-back to Tudor’s earliest dive watches with the Black Bay 54, as well as a reworked, METAS-certified Black Bay and a new dial for the Black Bay GMT. But that’s not all. Tudor’s latest releases have all been brought back to the drawing board, where the capable hands of its designers have added subtle yet critical changes, most of which you won’t likely spot at first sight.

Tudor Black Bay 54

Tudor Black Bay 54

Let’s begin with the new Tudor Black Bay 54. As Rolex watches grow — namely the new 2023 Explorer — Tudor watches have found a comfort zone around the 39mm mark. However, the Black Bay 54 ventures beyond that to 37mm. It is a call-back to one of Tudor’s earliest dive watches, ref. 7922.

The 54 has heaps of understated vintage charm. The 60-click bezel, gilt-tone dial, redesigned crown, tapering minute hand, and three-row rivet bracelet attest to that. But its Tudor manufacture Calibre MT5400, 200m water resistance, and T-Fit clasp provide all the ergonomics and convenience you’d expect from a modern Tudor watch.

The new Black Bay 54 is priced at CHF 3,650 on the steel bracelet (CHF 3,450 on rubber) and is available now at Tudor boutiques all over the world.

Tudor Black Bay

On to a somewhat larger yet no less charming watch. The newly redrawn Tudor Black Bay is the brand’s second watch to receive Master Chronometer METAS certification. This is thanks to the brand’s new manufacture, where all of these new releases are produced. Back in 2015, the burgundy-bezel Black Bay lost its rose and its smile. But behind the shield, a Tudor manufacture caliber paved the way for the steps we see the brand take today.

Now equipped with a T-fit clasp and available on a new five-row bracelet (don’t call it a Jubilee), the watch has also received some more subtle upgrades. A new “toothier” crown and bezel and slightly altered dial/bezel proportions give it a different feel. The sunray dial, lollipop seconds hand, and tapering minutes hand will have you doing a double-take. However, this modern Tudor icon maintains its unmistakable persona on the wrist and its 41mm size.

Prices for the Black Bay begin at CHF 3,950 on the rubber strap and range up to CHF 4,150 on the three-row bracelet and CHF 4,250 on the new five-row option.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Finally, the Tudor Black Bay GMT that you know has received a makeover. The first thing you’ll notice is the dial color. It’s not white; it’s opaline. This is a color that, coupled with the grained texture, shifts in the light from a bright, silvery white to a wolfish gray tone.

Anthracite hands and hour markers contrast nicely with the light-colored dial. Legibility is a priority in this mid-century-aviation-inspired watch. Everything else you’re already familiar with. And if not, you can read our article on the original model launched in 2018 here.

Priced at CHF 4,100 on the steel three-link bracelet and CHF 3,800 on a textile strap, the watch offers a ton of value. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a brighter rendition of its dark-dialed predecessor.

Final thoughts

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more detailed hands-on impressions soon! Want to know more about all the Watches and Wonders 2023 releases? Check out our landing page here.

If you want to read more about the rest of Tudor’s releases, you can expect Daan’s article on the new Tudor Royal models shortly.

For now, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these novelties from Tudor in the comments below.

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