Recently, we started holding our Speedy Tuesday events again, the first of which took place in Biel, Switzerland. Today, we’re announcing our next Speedy Tuesday event and opening up the registration to you. This event will take place on July 5th in the wonderful city of Milan, Italy.

The Omega Speedmaster and Italy have a special relationship that goes way back. Did you know that the first Speedmaster “limited edition” was made for the Italian market? We’re talking about the Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz from 1976 that commemorated the mission of 1975.

Later on, more specials for the Italian market followed. The most famous perhaps — besides the Apollo-Soyuz — was the “Albino” from 1997, which commemorated 40 years of Speedmaster. You could say Italy is a “Speedmaster” country, and we’re happy to announce that the next Speedy Tuesday event will take place in Milan.

Speedy Tuesday Event Milan

It has already been two years since we held our last Speedy Tuesday event in Milan. We can’t wait to go back to this fantastic city and meet with all the Speedmaster fans! Whether you have a collection of dozens of vintage Speedmasters or you just bought your very first modern version, you’re all welcome to join this event that Fratello is hosting together with Omega.

During the event, you’ll meet many like-minded enthusiasts and collectors, and we have a superb program lined up with Omega’s Brand Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas. He’ll be able to give you some detailed insights on some of the special Italian-market Speedmasters. You’ll also get a chance to see and try on all the latest Omega Speedmaster watches that have come out. After your registration, we will have to make a selection of guests. Unfortunately, we do have a limited number of spots. We will get back to you with all the necessary details.

Registration closed.