You cannot make this up: Seven Dials is an area in the vibrant district of Covent Garden in London. Mr Jones Watches has just relocated its brand store to this aptly named, fashionable destination right in the heart of England’s capital. This move marks a new chapter for the British cult brand after 15 years in business. The store now opens daily to offer you an unforgettable discovery of its watches. For gift shoppers, there are certainly a few ideas to make giving as much fun as receiving.

Mr Jones Watches

Unusual watches made in London

The new store has a playful and colorful interior to reflect the essence of Mr Jones Watches. It promises to surprise and engage visitors who have not seen the brand before. If you don’t want the visit to be too much of a surprise, head over to Nacho’s article to get an overview of Mr Jones first. This independent brand from London creates inexpensive timepieces with whimsical themes that will make you smile, think, and even gulp. And don’t miss A perfectly useless afternoon — that’s the actual name of the watch — here and here, which is one of the most popular models and representative of the type of unusual watches the brand creates.

An unforgettable experience

On top of a permanent collection of 30 watch models, the store showcases exclusive new watch releases in collaboration with independent artists. They sit behind wall-mounted magnifying glasses so you can study every last intricate detail of these expertly printed designs. Each one has a unique, quirky way to tell the time. And if they puzzle you, the staff will be on hand to explain them. These staff members are more like brand ambassadors, so you will never come across any pushy salespeople there.

Mr Jones Watches store

Founder Crispin Jones and Stanley the Dachshund ~ Photo credit ©Megan Taylor

Stanley the Dachshund

Furthermore, there is a personalization station where you can engrave the back of your watch and browse through an array of strap options. The new store also stocks the brand’s range of tote bags and T-shirts. That includes a design inspired by Stanley, the resident sausage dog and unofficial brand mascot. Now, let’s look at a few options to spark your shopping ideas.

The Everyday Special

This is a clean-dialed watch that enables you to customize its text for a special person or occasion. You can print a message, a name, or a date to remember on the hour and minute hands, so every time you look at the watch, that special memory may spring to mind. The 40mm steel case is sealed with sapphire crystals on both sides. Visible through the case back is an IT-20 Swiss automatic movement, which offers hours, minutes, seconds, and a quickset date. The Everyday Special retails for £545.

Mr Jones Watches The Silent Thief

The Silent Thief

This is one to get your imagination going. According to Mr Jones, “The name of the watch is both a play on the thieving nature of the magpie and time as the ever-present silent thief.” Designed by British artist Andy Wilx, this 45mm watch features a blue magpie with stolen jewelry around its neck, ready to strike. The design is gilded with pure palladium and creates a kaleidoscopic display of color and intricate patterns as the discs turn to show the time. The Swiss-made STP1-11 automatic movement is visible through the sapphire case back. The Silent Thief is priced at £495.

Mr Jones Watches The Ascendent

The Ascendent

This beautiful design by Marion Labbez, Mr Jones explains, “was created as a celebration of the challenges we all face to scale our personal mountains.” The watch features gilded palladium, applied by hand to the crystal with different techniques, resulting in two different textures. The 37mm PVD-coated stainless steel case houses the ST1721 20-jewel automatic movement. The Ascendent comes with a price of £275.

Beam me up!

This playful watch is the most recent entry into the brand’s permanent collection. Its introductory limited-edition run sold out in less than 45 minutes. Designed by French author-illustrator Xavier Broche, Beam me up! features an alien hovering above a farm scene searching for intelligent life. What it finds instead is a bewildered piglet running in circles as it attempts to evade the UFO’s tractor beam. Mr Jones Watches has relaunched this 37mm quartz watch with some tweaks for the price of £195.

Stanley’s Hot Dogs T-shirt

Last but not least, we have Stanley the Dachshund doing the honor as the face of this 15th-anniversary T-shirt. Designed by Ellie McAllister, the general manager of Mr Jones Watches, the T-shirt is made with 100% organic cotton and printed in the UK. The unisex item comes in four sizes and retails for £25.

Over the holiday period, the store remains welcoming and only closes on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

For more information, visit Mr Jones Watches’ official website.