Breitling sets the mood for summer with two colorful rainbow SuperOceans in 36mm and 42mm cases. The 42mm stainless steel version has rainbow-shaded hands and indices and is available with striking rubber straps. Conversely, the 36mm rainbow option has a steel case with an 18k red gold bezel grip and white ceramic inlay. The 46mm titanium Super Diver with a black or green camouflage pattern strikes a different balance. Whether you prefer rainbow or camo hues, these executions demonstrate Breitling’s evolving lineup of SuperOcean models. Accompanying these releases is The Breitling Book of Surfing published by Rizzoli. Do these new watches catch the waves or wipe out? Let’s find out.

On a hot and sunny June weekend, I sat with my feet up and absorbed The Breitling Book of Surfing by Ben Mondy. As someone who has tried surfing with little success, I am still fascinated by the sport. I used to follow the WCT top 24 on the Extreme Sports Channel with great interest. However, the book focuses on the human aspect of each athlete’s journey and ambition. Surfer Freddie Meadows, a specialist in Arctic-weather surfing in southeast Sweden, especially fascinated me. One swell took 20 hours to develop, requiring patience, devotion, and even some internal questioning. Another chapter examines the surfing ban imposed on Réunion Island due to shark attacks. With a relatively small population of about 1 million, Réunion Island accounts for 16% of the world’s annual shark attacks. Therefore, the surfing ban is justified, but it has a knock-on effect on a generation of surfers.

Breitling SuperOcean Automatic 36

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen rainbow colors on a Breitling SuperOcean. Initially, the SuperOcean ’57 got the treatment of gradient Super-LumiNova hues — yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, red, and orange. First, there was a limited set of 250 pieces with a black dial in 2020, and a blue version of 1,000 pieces supporting frontline workers followed. With the ’57’s discontinuation, the modern SuperOcean picks up the rainbow mantle where the ’57 left off. This new era of SuperOcean borrows elements from prior models, namely the 1970s Breitling ref. 2005 Mk2 SuperOcean “Slow-Motion.” The “Mjölnir” (Thor’s hammer from Norse mythology) minute hand mimics the vintage model’s chronograph minute hand with a luminous square.

Breitling Superocean Automatic 36 rainbow dial_Ref. U17377211A1S1

The 36mm version pairs the vibrant markers with a white dial, embracing femininity. The touch of 18k red gold on the bezel grip and crown offsets the cool white bezel insert and dial for a hint of warmth. Despite the diminutive case diameter, the tone-on-tone rehaut expands the visual conformity, giving a sense of presence. Complementing the bright tones is an 18mm white rubber strap with a stainless steel folding clasp. The 36mm SuperOcean Rainbow even maintains the 300m depth rating thanks to the screw-in crown and solid steel case back. The SuperOcean Automatic 36 with rainbow indices costs £5,800.

Breitling Superocean Automatic 42 rainbow dial Ref. A17375211B2S1

Breitling SuperOcean Automatic 42

The SuperOcean Automatic in a 42mm stainless steel case jumps up a level. This time, the central dial and bezel insert are black, with the rehaut in a silvery white shade. The rainbow colorway with a black base is more in line with the original SuperOcean ’57 rainbow edition from 2020. With a larger and more modern case design, it’s good to see the current collection get the rainbow treatment.

Georges Kern, the CEO of Breitling, said:

“With the summer upon us, our colorful new SuperOcean models are your ultimate companions, whether you’re riding the waves or relaxing at a beachside dinner.”

I have to agree with Kern on the relaxed attitude of these new SuperOcean watches. Adding to this are the 22mm Diver Pro IV rubber straps in either turquoise, aquamarine, orange, or yellow. These striking straps perfectly suit the vibrant hands and markers and come with micro-adjustable folding clasps.

Powering the watches is the Breitling caliber 17, which is the de facto automatic movement for Breitling’s three-hand models. While an in-house mechanism would create more cachet, the lower cost of £4,250 and a reasonably slim 12.56mm case profile make up for it. The Sellita-based Breitling 17 has a 38-hour power reserve and, like all Breitling movements, is a COSC-certified chronometer.

Breitling Superocean Automatic 46 Super Diver Ref. E10379D31L1E1

Breitling SuperOcean Automatic 46 Super Diver

Ramping up dramatically is the titanium SuperOcean Automatic 46 Super Diver. This 46mm beast has a 1,000m depth rating, making it the deepest-diving SuperOcean. The Super Diver also includes a patented safety lock for the bidirectional rotating bezel. This ensures no accidental bezel turns interfere with decompression stops. Having the safety lock on the left side of the case balances the silhouette with the crown guards on the opposite side. While the case design is balanced, the 46 × 52.25 × 14.5mm dimensions are not for the faint of heart. The size is necessary as the Super Diver includes a soft iron inner case for antimagnetism purposes. The Super Diver is forged in lightweight yet strong titanium to compensate for the increased diameter. Of all the new SuperOcean references here, the Super Diver is the only watch with an optional matching bracelet.

Breitling Superocean Automatic 46 Super Diver Ref. E10379D31L1E1

While you can still purchase the 18mm or 22mm steel bracelet for the rainbow versions separately, the Super Diver with a titanium bracelet is a core model. Alternatively, depending on the dial, you can select a green or black rubber strap with a titanium folding clasp. The stealthy dial palettes juxtapose the rainbow models above, but there is still a pop of yellow on the lume pip and tip of the central seconds hand. The Breitling 10 movement inside offers a slight upgrade over the caliber 17 in the rainbow versions. Based on the ETA 2892-A2, the caliber 10 has a 42-hour power reserve As with the other models, the movement is not visible due to the solid titanium case back. The Super Diver costs £5,200 on a rubber strap and £5,750 on the bracelet.

Breitling Superocean_Automatic 46 Super Diver_Ref. E10379D31L1S1 and E10379351B1S1

Specs and final thoughts

There are plenty of choices for different wrist sizes with the new SuperOcean. From 36mm to 46mm diameters, it comes down to your dial preferences. I find myself more drawn to rainbow dials when the colors are gemstones. There’s something about the laborious task of matching gemstones to complement the rainbow illusion. While this results in expensive timepieces, the preciousness of the gems feels more special than luminescent paint. Breitling certainly delivers a summer aesthetic, especially with the vivid straps for these rainbow versions. Yet the camouflage 46mm Super Diver catches my attention, specifically in green with the olive rubber strap. The titanium construction also interests me as this is the first time the new-generation SuperOcean has used this material.

Finally, I recommend checking out The Breitling Book of Surfing from Rizzoli. It’s a great summer read and eventual coffee table book. You can find more information on these new SuperOcean watches via the Breitling website.