On the press day of BaselWorld (just one day before the official opening), Omega introduced the first watch that will have the new Master Chronometer wording on the dial. We explained the Master Chronometer definition in this article yesterday.

Today, we had a closer look at the Omega Globemaster and I have to say that my enthusiasm of yesterday evening during the official launch event was still there when seeing the watch in a more ‘quiet’ environment.

The 39mm Omega Globemaster collection will be part of the Constellation family, which makes perfect sense as the Globemaster had a close relationship in the 1950s with the Constellation watches. In a more in-depth article I will explain that relationship. First, let me introduce the Omega Globemaster watches to you.

Omega Globemaster Sedna gold

Omega’s Globemaster comes in a few variations: stainless steel (leather and stainless steel bracelet), bi-color, full gold (yellow gold and Sedna gold) and a limited edition platinum piece.

Omega was inspired by the double C case of the Constellation of the 1960s, which also had the fluted bezel. I noticed some criticism on the fluted bezel on social media and on our previous article on the launch event, that it reminds people of the Datejust. However, someone from Omega showed me some watches from much earlier dates than 1945 which also already had a fluted bezel. Despite the ‘resemblance’, there is little to compare to Rolex’ Datejust about this model. It is perhaps also a bit about what you want to see in a watch, to be honest. I respect both brands and own watches of both, and it doesn’t bother me. There is little you can do ‘different’ from what has been done already in the +100 years that wrist watches are around.

In any case, the pie-pan dial is a huge deal for Omega fans. The Constellation pie-pan is probably one of the most sought-after vintage Omega watches and even though Omega tried to do something with it in their Constellation Sedna watch a while ago, it has a much nicer fit with the Globemaster in my opinion.

The platinum Globemaster is the one I favour the most, mainly due to the beautiful platinum dial with blue enamel painted hour markers and the stunning (!) enamel medallion on the case back with the Constellation and 8 stars painted on there. The medallion reminds me of the first Omega Constellation pie-pan models with enamel dials (made by Stern). A very neat feature. The platinum Omega Globemaster comes in a beautiful presentation box and is limited to 352 pieces only. The stitching of the leather strap also uses a very small portion of platinum to get the right match with the watch case and dial. Price will be CHF 37.000 Swiss Francs, excluding VAT.

Omega Globe Master Platinum 150319_DSC_5529 150319_DSC_5538 150319_DSC_5539

The 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat Sedna gold Omega Globemaster watches come with a silver Opaline dial. The price of the gold Omega Globemaster models is set at CHF 18.000 Swiss Francs, excluding VAT. The bi-color Omega Globemaster has a beautiful blue dial and a bi-color bracelet. The price of this bi-color model is set at CHF 10.000 Swiss Francs, excluding VAT.

150319_DSC_5515 150319_DSC_5518 150319_DSC_5520 Omega Globemaster Bi-Color

Now, the stainless steel Omega Globemaster model comes either with a silver opaline dial or with the blue dial. Also, Omega offers this model either with a stainless steel bracelet and a leather strap (with folding clasp). Prices for the stainless steel model start at CHF 6.300 Swiss Francs.

Omega Globemaster stainless steel Omega Globemaster stainless steel

For all of these models, Omega uses the caliber 8xxx movements. The 8501 being the movement for the gold versions, with the gold rotor. The platinum edition with the enamel medallion uses caliber 8913. The Master Chronometer wording on the dial, will also be used in other product families, like the new line-up of Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M.

The Omega Globemaster is expected to be delivered to Omega boutiques starting November.

More information can be found here, on Omega on-line.

All photos can be clicked for larger versions.