Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Golf Edition – 52Mondayz, week #49

Gerard Nijenbrinks
December 04, 2017
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Golf Edition – 52Mondayz, week #49

Omega gave us the opportunity to use one of the Golf Edition models of their 2017 Omega Aqua Terra line up. I happily accepted it as my 52Mondayz watch for this week.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

The Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition on my wrist

Omega Aqua Terra 150M Golf Edition

The Omega Aqua Terra 150M collection currently comprises of no less than 22 variations. A closer look learns that in fact there are 9 different watches with each a choice of different straps. Different straps, like the availability of a metal bracelet, a leather strap, a rubber strap, or even a NATO-style nylon strap. Robert-Jan did a good overview article on the entire new 2017 Aqua Terra series here. An in-depth review on one of the other 2017 Aqua Terra models can be found here.

The watch I’ll wear this week is the only watch available with just one strap, a black-green NATO one. And it’s the choice of famous and successful golfer Sergio Garcia. This watch is part of two Golf Edition models, the other one (with a silver dial and orange second hand) was chosen by Rory McIlroy as his personal favorite.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

The sides of the casing are brushed, the crown matte with polished Omega logo

A unique watch in the Omega Aqua Terra collection

Nice about the Sergio Garcia model on the black-green NATO strap, is that this watch is only available in this Golf Edition. It’s the only Omega Aqua Terra with an anthracite dial combined with green print and a green second hand. The Rory McIlroy variation on the black-orange NATO is available in the regular Aqua Terra collection as well. The same watch can be chosen in a non-Golf Edition model with a stainless steel bracelet, a leather- or a rubber strap.

What puzzled quite me a bit when writing this article is the formal model indication of this watch. Looking at the Omega website it’s indicated as ‘Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-axial Master Chronometer 41mm Golf Edition’. I’m glad Omega didn’t put that all in the dial.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

What to learn from the official model indication

What can be learned from this however? Omega positioned this watch in the Seamaster collection. Just like for instance the Planet Ocean, the Railmaster, and the Diver 300M. Within the Seamaster collection it’s named an Aqua Terra 150M, immediately indicating that the watch is made 150 meters waterproof. And then it’s a special Golf Edition within the Aqua Terra 150M series. Remains the indication Co-axial Master Chronometer and 41mm, which informs about the movement and the diameter of the casing. The (Omega caliber 8900) movement has been certified by METAS to Master Chronometer standards, and it makes use of a co-axial escapement. Obviously, Omega wants to inform its customers about quite some specifications and decided to put that all in the type indication of the watch.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

The beautiful dial shows very different under different light conditions

My choice of dial

As you can tell from my choice of watches during all past 52Mondayz articles, I love watches with dark dials. This Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition certainly appeals to me. And for me, the green print and second-hand gives it that extra punch over the regular Omega Aqua Terra version with an anthracite dial. So from all the 22 different models in this series, this could have easily been the one which I had chosen in case I had bought one. Not that I’m an avid golfer, nor that I’m Sergio Garcia’s biggest fan, no just because I think this is at least one of the nicest versions of the current Aqua Terra line.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

Not my long-term choice of strap

Although very suitable for a sports watch, and beautifully matching the colors of the dial in this watch, I’m not sure if I would always wear it with the supplied NATO-style nylon strap. I can imagine that in the long term a nice leather strap or even a stainless steel bracelet might be more comfortable. Of course looks are important, however putting a watch on every day benefits from some comfort as well. The strapping and closing of a NATO strap needs some skills. During mornings I find myself a bit lazy when it comes to putting on a watch.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

Personalised polished stainless steel buckle

It might be that the NATO strap comes in handy when playing golf however. Not that I see golfers wearing a watch over a sports suit or so, they’re mostly seen wearing short sleeves. However with a NATO strap watches seem to wear somewhat more flexible. This might provide some sort of protection against the harsh shocks known to occur to a watch during the game of golf. Nothing scientific here though, nor any guarantee. Just my thoughts and feeling. (Here’s a recent publication from us regarding golf and watches).

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

A real pleasure to see how this movement is constructed and finished

A visible well constructed and beautifully finished movement

Ending here with the back side of the watch. Omega did an incredible job constructing and finishing their caliber 8900 movements, and that should be seen. Adequately the Omega Aqua Terra Gold Edition has been fitted with a sapphire glass back, just like the rest of the Aqua Terra series. Here as well the NATO strap doesn’t help. To admire the looks of the movement one has to remove the strap. Just turning the watch over unfortunately isn’t enough.

Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition 52Mondayz

The reference number of the here reviewed Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition is Its price is a round € 5.000,= including European VAT, which I think is very acceptable for a watch in this league and of this quality. More information on Omega and the current Aqua Terra series can be found at And a link to a nice article which we did on the history of the Aqua Terra is here.


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