We all know that Omega was chosen to be the supplier of the watch for NASA astronauts, this watch, is the famous Speedmaster Professional. Until now, every once in a while Omega introduces some sort of tribute to the Moonwatch. Most of them are standard Speedmaster Professional models with inscriptions on the caseback or on the side of the case. Like this one here.

Omega also presented a case full of ‘Mission’ Speedmaster Professional models, these had a missionpatch on the subregister at 9 o’clock. For the “Last Man on the Moon” mission, they even introduced a model with a Snoopy figure in the subregister at 9 o’clock and a big Snoopy picture on the caseback. Note: Snoopy is a NASA award.

All fine, but now… Omega introduced a Speedmaster Pro ‘From Moon to Mars’ edition and it looks like this:

Have they lost their minds? After the introduction of this watch at the Basel fair it was quiet ar0und this ugly thing, but it is even popping up in magazines to ‘promote’ Omega… I don’t think this can be defined as promotion…

  • Gerard Nijenbrinks


    I agree fully on the uglyness of the latest ‘from the moon to mars’ mission Speedmaster.

    But on the ‘Last Man on the Moon’ and on the ‘Snoopy award’ Speedmasters you made a mistake. The ‘Last Man on the Moon’ special (3000 pieces) just has an inscription in the case back, indicating it’s limited number as well. The ‘Snoopy award’ special (5441 pieces) however has the Snoopy logo in the dial at the position of second hand register, and has a special case back indicating it’s limited number.

    The first commorative Speedmaster Pro was the 20th moonlanding anniversary. Limited to 2000 pieces; the numbering and the text were inscripted in the side of the case. The second was the 25th anniversary special limited to 2500 pieces; inscription at the side of the case and the numbering in the case back. The third one – and the most ‘worthless’ in my opinion was the 30th anniversary special, which was ‘limited’ to 10000 pieces and had only an engraved case back (with numbering).



  • Gerard, you eagle-eye! 🙂