Over at ViaPaneristi (the other Panerai site) I noticed the invitation for the USA VP-Day event!

So if you live in the USA, and couldn’t make it to P-Day #3 in Frankfurt, you better check their website.

  • RJ,

    Do you have a Panny now? I like a few of the models, like the submersible, but not enough to consider buying one.

    I’m not sure what to make of the Panny rage? How long will it last? Is this real? Or will it flame out?

    I had thought that they were just re-badging 7750s and putting them in big cases, covering up 2 sub-dials. But after looking through their limited edition catalog I realized that something more was going on.

    They have a long list of vintage and interesting movements that they use, interesting stuff:


  • Hello Chris,

    I have a Panerai. Although I was very very sceptic, yet I decided to buy one, just because of the looks and the history of this brand. And I got more and more enthusiastic, I even visitted the P-Day #3 event. Although I only want a Panerai 27 (out of production powerreserve) model next to my current 113 (white dialed luminor marina), I really adore these watches. Movementwise nothing special, just a handwound movement (nicely finished though!) or valjoux movement for the automatic models. I think the Panny is only a rage for people who are sensitive for trends in fashion and watches. I am not, I always liked the Italian style for shirts, suits, shoes.. and why not watches too? πŸ™‚ It is only a fashion watch for people who are into fashion. Watchlovers and conaisseurs can buy with confidence that they get a great watch which is undenyable crafted with the same passion as most watchcollectors have. The finish of the outsource movements are very nice, the casing is great and crafted very nicely, small things like the crownprotector, hands, buckle, printing on the dial are done very good as well. You really should visit a dealer and have a look at a couple of them large ones πŸ™‚

    The vintage Panerai watches are very very interesting, but this goes way over my budget. And for that kind of money (around 11K Euro), my preferences lay somewhere else.

    Best regards,