World Premiere: Peter Speake-Marin Immortal Dragon Piece Unique

Ming Thein
January 28, 2012
World Premiere: Peter Speake-Marin Immortal Dragon Piece Unique

Today we present the Peter Speake-Marin Immortal Dragon, a piece unique featuring a superbly detailed relief hand engraving by the noted (Dutch) Kees Engelbarts. The case is in platinum with diamond bezel, and the movement is the SM2 caliber decorated with model-specific engraving. Although much more a fine art or jewelry piece than something to appeal to the fans of haute horology, the movement is still one of the best designed and best finished I’ve ever seen.

_7055995 copy
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I’m not normally a huge fan of engraving or decorated dials, but the dark oxidized and etched areas of relief around the dragon really set it off and give the piece a magnificent sense of depth. It is almost entirely monochromatic – lacking Speake-Marin’s usual trademark blued hands – but curiously the colorlessness of the dial allows the antireflective coating on the underside of the sapphire crystal to show an occasional flash of blue, which I find inexplicably endearing. The polished hands nicely offset the otherwise textured dial components, and nicely complement the hefty platinum case; they’re also surprisingly readable. The beauty really is in the details with this piece.

Enjoy the images! MT

_7055992 copy

_7055968 copy

_7055957 copy

_7055950 copy

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_7055767bw copy

_7055925 copy

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