I recently enjoyed some lens time with this rather unique piece by Peter Speake-Marin. Out of the box, the aesthetic was a little…unusual, but I admit that towards the end of the session, the design grew on me.

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_7049145 copy

_7049184 copy

_7049162 copy

_7049223 copy

_7049173 copy

_7049207 copy

_7049239 copy
Yes, it glows in the dark, too!

_7049191 copy

_7049190 copy
Day of the week hand and instantaneous change mechanism

_7049188 copy
24 hour hand

_7049187 copy
Master control wheel for perpetual calendar mechanism. Note the incredibly thin jumper spring attached to the pawl center-right, and the square cut gear controlling the date advance at the end of each month.

_7049152 copy
One final view.