Last week we visited Milan where we held our second Speedy Tuesday event this year (and more to come). In this article, you will find some impressions of that day.

If you’re new to Speedy Tuesday and wonder what it is about, please visit this introduction page on the topic. If you are already familiar, and perhaps already part of this ‘movement’, simply continue to read.

This year started with an amazing cool Speedy Tuesday event in Switzerland, where we (with about 50 Speedmaster enthusiasts) witnessed the introduction of the caliber 321 re-birth. Omega kept this introduction especially for the Speedy Tuesday community, even before the press got to see it, to show their appreciation for enthusiasts like ourselves. It was there, where we decided to continue with some Speedy Tuesday events in 2019. Bienne, followed by Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo. Last week was Milan’s turn. After opening a register where Speedmaster aficionados could sign-up for the event, we had to make a selection of 40 persons. We want to keep it relatively small, to be able to keep an overview and to make sure everyone is secure and safe (to bring their watches as well, for example).

speedy tuesday event

Speedy Tuesday Event in Milan

Bert and I flew to Milan the day before and after the usual delay at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, we finally arrived in the late afternoon. Just in time for a quick interview with our special guest for the next day, Nicole Stott. Stott, a former NASA astronaut (part of the NASA 2000 group of two Space Shuttle flights (Flight Specialist on STS-128 and STS-133) and two times resident of the Internation Space Station (Expedition 20 and Expedition 21), was already waiting for us in lobby, with her manager. We will publish a video of this special interview soon on Fratello.

speedy tuesday event

Next day, the event started at noon in the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” in Milan. We started with a nice lunch and the opportunity to meet all of the guests. In the large room next to the gallery where we had lunch, the guests were surprised by a beautiful ‘Speedy Tuesday’ set-up with some watches from the current collection as well as Speedmaster watches from the Omega Museum. Gregory Kissling (Head of Product Management) was there to give the guests a warm welcome on behalf of Omega, as I did on behalf of Fratello, of course.  After this introduction, we moved to the area where a stage was built. Nicole Stott was introduced to the guests and she gave a magnificent talk on her time in space. Her presentation was followed by a Q&A we organized, where both Nicole Stott and Gregory Kissling were on the stage and myself moderating the panel discussion. We touched the topics of space travelling and watches used in space, as well as some Speedmaster history. Stott being part of the missions dating after 1998, used a Speedmaster X-33 during her space travels.

Event Impression Video

Photo Report

We have published the full 40-minute Q&A session video here if you are interested (also make sure to follow our YouTube channel as there’s more to come). Besides video, we made sure to take some photos as well, to give you a good impression of the event. During the coming events, we will do the same, of course, as we will be working with different special guests.

Enjoy the images, and just click them for larger versions.

speedy tuesday event

Of course, Omega brought also some of the Apollo XI 50th anniversary novelties. And the piece of Moon meteorite that they used for the small Moon discs in the case back of the gold Speedmaster Apollo XI, of course. Also present was the watch that was on the Moon, on the wrist of Gene Cernan.

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