With the exception of the newly released Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931, the Classique is perhaps in many ways the quintessential Reverso: it’s been in JLC’s catalog for many, many years; it can be appreciated by both men and women (the size is a nice in-between that makes it a largish ladies watch but a slim mens’ dress watch) and is powered by a hand-wound caliber 846.

_7050394 copy

_7050372bw copy

It’s also perhaps the closest thing we have to the original size, too. The bracelet is very flexible and comfortable for all wrist sizes; highly recommended over the strap if you have small wrists. (Fratello Tip: If you have very small wrists like my wife, you can make the extra links into a ring, see below.)

_7050536 copy

_7050442 copy

Interestingly, despite the long production run and affordable entry price – it’s one of JLC’s cheapest models – it’s not a very common piece on the secondary market. This says two things: one, people buy them to wear and keep, and two, Reverso owners are probably pretty passionate about their watches. I wonder how many have chosen to engrave something on the blank case back?

_7050466 copy

Enjoy the images; clicking will bring you to a larger version, as usual. MT

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With Reverso Grande GMT, which we reviewed here.

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