Anything Grand Seiko does seem to be a winner. But not everyone is ready to spend €6000 on a Snowflake or €6500 on the Mt. Iwate. What does the pre-owned market have in stock for you, when it comes to Grand Seiko?

Truth to be told, the pre-owned market for Grand Seiko isn’t overly huge. It has partially to do with the relatively low production number of Grand Seiko watches (estimated 40.000). But it might also have to with the people who buy these watches, that these aren’t considered “flippers” and buy a Grand Seiko because they want to enjoy it for a long time. As a comparison: Audemars Piguet also has an estimated production of 40.000 watches per year (different pricepoint, I know), but only Chrono24 we see nearly 3900 of those watches being offered pre-owned, and for Grand Seiko, it is only around 550 watches. Anyway, whatever the reason, there isn’t an overly big supply on these watches, but I selected a few nice ones for you.

Pre-Owned Grand Seiko Watches

The Grand Seiko Snowflake is the most popular reference, but there are only a few available on the pre-owned market. Prices seem to start at €4000, but the seller is in Japan so you will need to deal with customs, etc. Most of the pre-owned Grand Seiko SBGA211 references are towards €5000 and just over, depending on the condition (and box & papers) and where they’re located. I did not only select the Snowflake, but also some other pre-owned Grand Seiko models I find interesting. It also depends if you’re buying from a dealer or private seller. Always make sure you thought of (manufacture) warranty when buying a pre-owned watch.

Without further ado, let’s have a closer look.

Grand Seiko SBGA211 €5000

I didn’t pick the cheapest here, which I wrote above cost a grand less, but this one is in nice condition, comes with boxes and papers is offered by a dealer. This titanium Grand Seiko with its famous dial is in excellent condition. In the pictures, I see some signs of wear, but nothing major. The watch is relatively young, as it dates back to 2019. It has the Spring Drive movement, which makes that seconds hand sweep super smooth. There’s a reason (click here) this is their number 1 selling reference. Click here for the offer on this SBGA211 Snowflake.

Grand Seiko SBGR317G €2290

This 40mm steel Grand Seiko has a retail price of €4600. Most of the pre-owned SBGR317 references come with a higher price tag, but I don’t see any major wear on this watch. It is offered by a verified dealer on Chrono24, and is complete with box and papers. This is a bargain! Black dial, automatic movement (9S65), dates back to 2019 and with a steel bracelet. This is your go-to Grand Seiko for everyday use. For this price, it is very tough to beat. Click here for the offer on this SBGR317.

Pre-Owned Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko SBGA011 €3720

A few years ago, Grand Seiko became a separate entity from the Seiko Watch Corporation. So before 2017, there was “Seiko” on the dial, and “Grand Seiko” was mentioned on the lower part of the dial. It was the sign that Grand Seiko wanted to be perceived as a separate (high-end) brand, and not as “a Seiko”. That partly helped, as Seiko is still part of the name, of course. The only difference between this Seiko Grand Seiko SBGA011 and the Grand Seiko SBGA211 (the first one in this list), is the dial. Oh, and the price. This Snowflake “Mark 1” has a very friendly price tag. This watch is being offered with box and papers, and dates back to 2017. Click here for the offer on this Snowflake SBGA011.

Pre-Owned Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko SBGA111 €4895

This is a Spring Drive 10th anniversary limited edition model from 2014, with a very special dial. It comes with box and papers, and is in very good condition, according to the seller. The dial makes this watch truly stand out, with a beautiful pattern. As I explained earlier, the dial also indicates Seiko as this Grand Seiko was produced before 2017. The Spring Drive movement offers 72 hours of power reserve, which can be monitored using the power reserve indicator on the dial. The design of the steel bracelet is more to my liking than the “Speedmaster” style bracelets on the Snowflake, for example. Click here for the offer on the SBGA111.

Pre-Owned Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko SBGE215 €5145

Last but not least, an interesting Grand Seiko from their sport collection. A titanium 43.5mm watch with a Spring Drive movement. I love Grand Seiko’s sports models, except for the clasp. Somehow they feel a bit cheap, but nevertheless I am sure they will never fail. A bit like Rolex bracelets before they upgraded theirs. This Spring Drive powered watch has a GMT complication. There’s a red GMT hand for the home time indication and you’ll have a 24-hour scale bezel.  This light-weight watch (122 grams) has amazing features, and for that, the price is attractive too! New, this watch retails for 7400 Euro. Click here for the offer on this SBGE215.

You can definitely find some good deals on pre-owned Grand Seiko watches. Sometimes, the offered watches aren’t that far away from the retail price (which is a good thing, in the end), but like the SBGE215 or SBGR317, you also see that there are bargains. My pick of the three would be the SBGA011. I don’t care that there’s Seiko on the dial, besides Grand Seiko and it will save you quite a bit compared to buying new at retail. The most beautiful edition in this line-up is the SBGA111 in my opinion, but I like quirky stuff.

Happy Hunting!