QlockTwo: The most natural way to read the time

April 18, 2017
QlockTwo: The most natural way to read the time

The creators Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk explain their concept

All people learn to read the time using the hour and minute hands. Biegert & Funk throws this idea overboard and interprets the time in words with their QlockTwo concept. Asked whether this intuitive time indication was the focus of product development, Managing Director Marco Biegert answers: “It is the intuitive way of reading the time, it’s may be the most human way of reading the time. When you ask someone what time it is, the answer would sound “It’s half past four.”. We use words for that”.

“It’s a direct way, you don’t need to translate it, you can just read it,” adds Andreas Funk, who is the co-founder of QlockTwo together with Marco Biegert. The QlockTwo products are available as a wall clock (QlockTwo Classic), a table clock (QlockTwo Touch), and a wristwatch (QlockTwo W). In addition to more than 20 language versions, QlockTwo also offers different designs, which are manufactured by hand in the German manufactory. With the so-called Creator’s Edition, each QlockTwo becomes unique and thus the design object – for the home, office or for your own wrist. Melanie Feist, German editor of, talks with the brand founders about the production, the functions and numerous possibilities of the QlockTwo products.

For more information please visit the official website.


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