When we first saw the new Rolex Datejust II presented at BaselWorld 2009, we weren’t very enthusiastic about it. We were not ready for a leap from a 36mm to a 41mm diameter. In all honesty, we feel we might be a bit too Rain Man-ish when it comes to sudden changes in product design. Especially when it comes to products that we love so much. For example, it takes us ages to like a new BMW car when it is being introduced, because we love the current or former models so much. The same goes for new Rolex watches. Perhaps you recognize this behavior? (please do)

Last summer, we were visiting a Rolex boutique in Orlando (who also had a lot of pre-owned watches for sale) and tried the Datejust II for the first time. Although the stainless steel / gold Datejust watch is still King since it appeared in the Wallstreet [and American Psycho] movie, the relatively new Datejust II is definitely a great option for those who are looking for a watch that will fit just every occasion.

The diameter of 41mm is pretty easy to get used to and the big fat luminous hour markers and the large crown at 12 o’clock make perfect use of the large dial. The white gold bezel is impressive, especially in sunlight. The blue dial on the model we’ve had for a while really stands out when exposed to sun rays. The dark blue dial some times turns into a deep purple color, simply amazing.

The Datejust has been there since 1946 and has probably been the most popular Rolex watch world wide ever since. Rolex does not disclose these numbers unfortunately. Perhaps a Datejust is just not exciting enough for watch collectors, but we are pretty sure that this could be a perfect ‘only watch’. Be it a graduation gift, wedding gift or just for those who only buy one good watch in their entire life. You can’t go wrong with this stainless steel Rolex Datejust ref.116334.

This Datejust II features most of the recent innovations Rolex introduced in the last few years. The flimsy folding clasp has been replaced with something more solid with a great adjustment system and the movement has been upgraded to caliber 3136 featuring the patented Parachrom hairspring. For now, the stainless steel version of the Datejust II is only available with a white gold fluted bezel. We suspect that BaselWorld 2012 might bring the Datejust II version with a smooth bezel.

Actual list price is 6.780 EUR. However, on the pre-owned market, you should be able to find one around 5000 EUR / 6500 USD.

  • the datejust is will have its ups and downs in popularity for sure, but it’ll definitely going to be around as long as people have wrists.

  • JMMariotti143

    Just picked up a new DateJust II, white gold bezel.  Arabic blue numbers.  No buyer’s remorse yet! JM

  • Arzi Fareen

    Love the new datejust ii 41mm…pity i cant really afford it…trying to find a pre-owned with a good price

  • Isa

    Just bought myself one with grey dial and gold fluted bazel – no buyer remorse yet – love it

  • Antonio

    I just got mine, datejust II with blue dial. Simply love it!!
    Thanks P and V!!

  • Lucky Michael

    I just picked up a 41 mm Datejust II blue dial with white gold bezel and I really love it. It replaced my classic 36 mm mother of pearl with diamonds since the 36 mm looks like a junior watch compared to 41 mm. I have a small wrist but I still prefer the 41 mm over the 36 mm because it looks more manly. I love the stainless steel oyster bracelet instead of the jubilee since I think the jubilee is probably made for women. The blue dial looks really nice under the hot sun. The color is amazing at different angles. This is a nice watch that Rolex brings to the market. I also have a blue pearl dial YachtMaster 40 mm and a pearl green dial 50th Anniversary Submariner 40 mm. They all look great on all occasions. Love them all and you can’t go wrong with them.

  • Ancon Harpy

    While the oyster bracelet appears stonger and perhaps more masculine than the jubilee the latter is more artful in design. The bracelet’s five links across cause iindividual rows to reflect at more varied angles. It looks more expensive and it is. When Geneva comes out with a two tone DDII with the jubilee I’ll be interested. I am familiar with the DII with blue dial with white gold bezel. Its a beautiful and timeless combination.