I am back from my trip to Italy. Maybe I will post some pictures later on. Besides Rome, Perugia, Siena, the Trasimeno lake I visitted Florence. And ofcourse, the Panerai boutique. The salesperson gave a tour in the small Panerai Museum they have some floors up and it was marvelous. Didn’t take pictures of it though, as I have seen loads of these on other websites (Paneristi.com).

I wonder what is up with the Italians when it comes to watches. I just saw 1 Panerai in the wilde, in Rome. Just 1. Couldn’t make up what it was because I saw in in a flash on someone’s wrist. It was just Rolex all over. I wonder how many of them were real, because even the guy serving ice cream on the campsite wore a Daytona 🙂 Anyway, it seems that Rolex is still King in Italy. Also in Rome, I haven’t see one shop where they sold Panerai. I didn’t look for them in particulary, and only took a long time to check out all the watches at Hausmann at the Via del Corso in Rome, but I expected to see a lot more Panerai in Italy. As I expected to see more Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia cars. Well, I have seen quite a few of them, but as they choose Rolex for watches, Italy seems to choose for Germany when it comes to cars. Audi/BMW and Benz on the autostrada.

How come? Status over passion?

I wonder..

  • Rob Lupkes

    Good to have you back in one piece RJ! I know what you mean. As you know, I also visited Italy this year (and last year). Last year I also only saw one Panerai. This year I didn’t see any. I saw Rolex though and more then one. But as you mentioned no Alfa’s. Oh no, I saw one and he was from Holland 🙂
    Otherwise lot’s of Posche Cayenne’s, BMW’s and Audi.

  • Filippo Rossetti

    Hi Robert, maybe you remembre me, I’m the owner of the 41 y.o. Speedmaster (now I know for sure, it’s a 105 012-64!). Don’t be surprised if you didn’t see Panerai or Alfas or Lancias here in Italy, we are the first detractors of Italian products (except for Ferrari…) I have to admit I have an Audi too but I’m planning to buy the new Fiat Croma.
    As for Rolex, you are right, it seems that it’s the only watch worth being bought… no, ‘xcuse me, shown off.
    Beware though, 75% of them are fake!
    Hope you had a good time here, best regards, Filippo

  • cesar

    Hi, I´m going to italy, in the end of the month (milan, venice, firenze, and rome), and would like to know some stores that I could find good used watches like paneirai, rolex, iwc. Can you tell me where I can find in these cities?

    thank you,
    cesar Scarambone menezes

  • tim mclaughlin

    I’m going to Italy in May,are Rolex prices comparable to the U.S,

  • Five Rountrees

    You stay in Campsites and buy Paneri Watches?

  • David Carter

    Hi – I am travelling to Firenze Italy in July and wanted to know how the Rolex prices compare against the USA? Any cheaper or the same? I am in the market for a new Rolex datejust
    comments anyone?